New Product Reviews Coming Soon!

Prepare yourself for a ton of product reviews. I know I have been slacking but I've been doing a ton of other things but fear no more. I have you covered. 

For the next few posts I will be reviewing all things skincare and hair care. I'll be discussing where I got them from (free or purchased), what I liked about them, why you should try them as well as what you should avoid. Being a Brand Ambassador, Beauty Writer, and a Professional Cosmetologist with almost a decade of experience, I've received products from K-Beauty Brand Mamonde, Swedish brand Loelle (my favorite for over 2 years), American brands Lancome and Erno Laszlo. I've also purchased a ton of minority/black own brand of products such as Coloured Raine, Juvia's Place, Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Urban Hydration, TGIN and so many more
loelle sweden
Barbary Fig Seed Oil
Face Serum
My fingers are going to be throbbing after typing all these reviews. Maybe I'll make it a video on my Instagram channel:-) Here's a few images of the products I will be reviewing so check back this Sunday for the first of many reviews!

lancome rose toner
Tonique Confort
Facial Toner

erno laszlo
Firmarine Lift Essence Lotion
gel firming lotion

coloured raine glowlighter
Coloured Raine Focal Point Glowlighter
Color: "Your Treat"

juvia's place
5 Piece Makeup Brushes

True Hair Butter
True Made by Beautifule
Hair Butter

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