Erno Laszlo "Firmarine Lift Essence Lotion

Semi-Obsessed: Erno Laszlo "Firmarine Lift Essence Lotion" $68
I received this product au gratis thanks to being a Beauty Influencer on Influenster. I really like the overall concept of this face lotion or should I say gel considering it's a price point that I currently cannot afford. However you got a ton of product in which I obsessed about because a little goes a long way.

erno laszlo
Firmarine Life Essence Lotion

First Impressions
When I first received the package from the Influenster, I was super excited to open it. Before even opening the actual product I read the back of the product box and went on to the Erno Laszlo website to know exactly what I was getting myself into. According to the website: This watery gel-like essence tones, hydrates, and revitalizes the skin. With encapsulated collagen, it boosts skin renewal by penetrating skin cells for long-acting lifting and protects the skin from free radical damage. Spirulina Maxima-a high powered algae extract that boosts skin renewal-is both water-activated and "nano-encapsulate" in this formula.
Now that is what I am here for. I'm 35 years old and my skin is aging especially the face and neck, anything that can assist me with keeping it hydrated and toned I am all for. Hurriedly removing the lotion from the box I was super excited to smell it and apply it. I pumped a small amount onto my finger and turned my nose up to the minty scent. It was tipping the scale of masculine which I was very surprised about considering the product is targeted towards women but I was down to try it anyways.

Application Method
The way I like to apply the product is after I apply a face toner. The face toner is the second step after cleansing that brings the skin back down to it's normal ph balance all the while removing any left over makeup or oil that may be sitting on your skin. Apply a nickel size amount of the gel essence, I massage it into the skin and it dries like a creamy lotion but sinks into the skin and it also cools it too on hot summer days.

Overall Impressions
I do like the product however because it doesn't contain any SPF, I cannot use it on the days that I am going outside. If I am having a day in or doing my skincare regimen before bed, then I can use this Firmarine Lift Essence Lotion for my last step.

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