November 06, 2018
If you have any questions, unsubmitted comments, requests, or if you just simply want to chat, please contact me
Twitter: @iamslthomas
Facebook: @beautybiche

Pinterest: @beautybiche

Company Collaborations
If you are seeking to have me try and review your products and/or services, please send the products along with compensation offer. If you are asking that I come to your establishment and reviews selected services, please send a email request.
Please Note that all products and services will be subjected to a honest and professional opinion.

Company Guest Posting
If you are seeking to write and publish an article about your products in the form of a guest post, please send an email that includes the compensation offer, a link to your website, the price of your product and samples by mail.

Blogger Guest Posting
Initiate contact by email, Direct/Private Messaging on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook . Once we agree upon the topic, please send the article along with photos.

Please Note. All posts will be edited and modified for my audience.

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