Makeup: Smoked Lower Lash Line and Wing

Originally posted 2/23/2014

Double WIng Makeup Tips
Follow this tutorial and look fu*ken awesome in 15 minutes or less.

Sumita Eye Pencil
Sumita New Delhi Chai Contrast Eye Pencil in "Celebration of Beauty"

Rimmel London Kohl Eyeliner
Waterproof kohl eyeliner in "Black" by Rimmel London

Jordana Eyeliner
Blue Divine eye pencil by Jordana

Victoria's Secret Glitter Infused Mascara
Chocolate Gleam by Victoria's Secret Medium/dark brown glitter infused eye pencil. "Chocolate Gleam" Now discontinued by Victoria's Secret

Rimmel London Volumizing and Liftening Mascara
Rimmel London Scandaleyes" Retro Glam Mascara
Optional: LeFemme cream concealer

Tools: Smudge brush
Timer: Just kidding

Application Method:
  1. *Prep face and fill eyebrows as usual.
  2. Apply Rimmel kohl liner in "Black" on water line and slightly wing out
  3. Apply "Celebration of Beauty" Sumita Contrast Eye Pencil in tear duct(s)
  4. Apply "Blue Divine" on lash line and wing out
  5. Apply "Chocolate Gleam" or similar pencil directly underneath and wing out
  6. Apply 5 coats of lengthening mascara on bottom lashes to lengthen lashes to create more length
  7. Apply 5-7 coats on top lash line to build volume and length
  8. Optional: With a q-tip slightly dip concealer and clean up wing and extend outward
  9. Apply a matte lip color similar to "Edie" by Armour Beauty
  10. Mist face with Elf Cosmetics "Mist and Set" spray

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