Restaurant Review: Margaritaville's JWB Prime Steak & Seafood

August 26, 2018
Originally Posted August 2017
Red Snapper with Carrots and Peas Creamy Risotto

Traveling has it's perks but traveling and tasting the cuisine with amazing people is even better.

This weekend I was lucky and so happy to visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida (goodness, I really miss living in Florida [at times] ). During the trip, we took another mini road trip to Hollywood's North Beach to explore the beach, the sand and to enjoy what had become sunny weather after a stormy afternoon. Admiring the scene of tourists riding bikes, new and restored hotels along with amazing ocean front properties our laughter, conversation, my window shopping and weak bladder lead to a quick stop to the restrooms of coincidentally the Margaritaville Beach Resort & Hotel. Greeted with excellent hospitality, a view of the chefs cooking, we sat down silently anxious to discover what we were in for.

What's was on the menu that encouraged me to blog about this dish? Well, hello, look at it.
red snapper risotto

Me being me I wanted to be the opposite with my food selection that evening. I knew I wanted seafood and vegetables however there was so much to choose from I didn't want to take too much time. Quickly skimming through the menu, I found what I wanted. The Fresh Catch of the Day. It was the most obvious selection but I needed more details about the dish. Moments later the server came to our table and explained what exactly it included... red snapper, peas and carrots. Correcting herself she enunciated that it was a fillet of fresh red snapper pan grilled and sauteed in a olive oil and lemon blend served on top of a bed of peas and carrots creamy risotto. Now that sounded awesome!

Receiving the dish and seeing how beautifully it was placed together, I was beyond happy to consume all of it.

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