Is The Road To Perfection Going Too Far?

Is the road to perfection going too far? It's no secret that these days we are on a mission to be perfect. So perfect that we as human beings will do any and everything to nip and tuck, conceal and maximize any imperfection that only we see. Sometimes I wonder though, when is it enough? Introducing Camouflage.
rodolpho torres
Camouflage Procedure
Credit: Rodolpho Torres Instagram
Camouflage is a procedure that I stumbled upon today on my LinkedIn feed. One of my connections posted a video of a guy getting his dark under eyes colored in with a flesh colored ink by whom I thought was a surgeon. Turns out he is not a surgeon. He is Portuguese tattoo artist Rodolpho Torres who created this technique after spending 10 years specializing in these types of cosmetic procedures on women. The thing that really caught my interest was that it was a guy seeking this form of perfection. Guys are pretty much into any and everything that women are currently so I should not have been surprised!

Take a look at these video clips from Rodolpho Torres' Instagram page.

After viewing this video I wanted to know more so I did a quick search and hopefully this will answer a few of your questions.

What Is The Proper Term For This 
"Camouflage", due to Torres using a flesh colored ink that is meant to blend into the skin.

What Areas of the Body Are Camouflaged Performed On
Under eye area, on top of the brows and places where stretch marks occur.

How Much Does It Cost
The price is not listed on however according to the website budgets, scheduling and evaluations are done through WhatsApp

Where is Rodolpho Located
He is based in South America. The website is in Portuguese and I am assuming that he is Brazilian.

Side Note. Under eye darkness can be due to a number of things. There is genetics, bruised skin, medication reactions, the lack of blood flowing to that area and also straining the eyes. Then let's touch upon stretch marks. Stretch marks happen when gaining and losing weight. To some it is a proud sign, to others it is a flaw that they would rather not see. Not all people get stretch marks but if you happen to see the vertical lines where the skin has been pulled you now know that you have an option to "Camouflage" them. 

My thoughts on this procedure is I want to see more. Show me a week by week updates using pictures or a video. By doing this viewers such as myself will know if this fades and how quickly it fades. I also want to know what the pain level is from the day of the procedure until a week afterwards. Knowing what to expect is crucial. Don't forget to include the horror stories. People want to know the good, bad and the ugly. As a tattoo enthusiast and someone who knows how the colors fade, I want to see all of this before making a final decision.


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