Focal Point GlowLighter. Your Heaven Sent GlowUp by Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine GlowLighter. Words cannot describe Focal Point GlowLighter. This is perfect combination of a highlighter, bronzer and illuminator. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my current process of investing in cosmetics from Minority Owned Cosmetic Brands hence launching The BICHÉ “The Beauties In Color Here Everyday,” then welcome. One of my first and many upcoming purchases was from Coloured Rain inside of Riley Rose, which is the accessory/cosmetic store from the developers of Forever21. If you have one in your city then go to it. Moving on to my obsession.

Obsessed: Coloured Raine Focal Point GlowLighter in Your Treat $25 8grams (0.28oz)
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Words cannot describe how obsessed I am in with this Focal Point GlowLighter. This glowlighter is the perfect combination of a highlighter, bronzer and illuminator. All those terms can be interchangeable. If you do not know the differences the I will explain the difference in just a moment.

First Impression
The packaging in itself is sleek and beautiful. It's a white hard plastic compact with a mirror. When you push to open the compact you will see a full pan of goodness that screams, "touch me and put your glow on 20". I swear it looks so pretty that you do not want to touch it at all but when you do you'll notice how smooth and buttery it feels. The buttery formula feels very much like the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters in the Ultimate Glow Kit. However the appearance on the skin is just as buttery as the touch with very small specks of shimmer. Just look at these swatches from their website.
coloured raine
Focal Point GlowLighter in "Your Treat"

Application Method
For an amazing glow up apply this glowlighter with a fan brush. I suggest using a fan brush that isn't as dense because then it will pick up a lot more product than you expected. I use my $4 fan brush by e.l.f. that I've had for years.
The trick to highlighting is to rub the tip of the bristles or either lay the brush flat onto the product and rub it product onto the brush.
After you have done that quickly swipe back and forth on the parts you want to draw attention to. Most people including myself like to highlight on the ball of the nose, above the cupid's bow, on the higher points of my cheeks and cheekbones and by my temples. The temples is optional since it totally maximizes the glow and is more of an editorial look.

Highlighter / Bronzer / Illuminator 
I mention earlier that this can be used as a highlighter, bronzer or illuminator. Here are the differences according to me.

Giving the effect of a glow to specific areas of the skin in particular the face.

Adding a slightly darker color to the face.

Scrapping a small amount of product to create a powder and mix with either foundation and /or primer to create an illuminating glow.

This glowlighter has a golden tint and I am pretty light-skinned with both yellow and red undertones, When I use it as a bronzer I place it directly on the apples of my cheek and under my cheekbone. To make it look even more defined I used a darker powder foundation color to blend into the glowlighter. It really chisels out the cheekbones and adds more shape to the face. I'll share my method later today on my Facebook and Instagram so make sure you are following me. FOLLOW ME NOW;-)

Overall Impressions
There is nothing negative that I can say about this product. It's some good stuff. Go get one!


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