Confessions... Standing In My Own Way

I realized the other day or should I say a few weeks ago that I am standing in my own way. More like my attitude and how I think others think of me is how I am standing in my own way.

There are multiple things on my career bucket list that I have been knocking off one by one and then there are the others that I have yet to do. One of the things on the list that I keep accomplishing is going to fashion shows. Rather it be sponsoring designers with manicures thanks to being the Content Strategist for Scratch of Sweden USA, networking with fashion designers as well as enjoying the actual fashion. I've participated in the fashion shows for multiple designers during 2016 The Brave Wings Fashion Show in Phoenix, Arizona, sponsored designers for 2018 Chicago Fashion Week and sponsoring 2 designers for the upcoming September 2018 Milwaukee Fashion Week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But yes, here is how I have been standing in my own way.
milwaukee fashion week

The Brave Wings Fashion Show 2016
Reflecting back to my first go around at a fashion show which was the 2016 Brave Wings Fashion Show in Phoenix, Arizona. My younger cousin Jenesis Laforcarde who is the co-founder of The Braze Wings Fashion Show was how I got to be involved thanks to a push from Marie, my 2nd cousin who owns Scratch of Sweden and a chain of emails I sent Jenesis. She super busy when I arrived straight from the airport but super helpful. Before I had gotten there she had already arranged for the instructor and the students of the nail technician program at the cosmetology school to assist me with the manicures. I was beyond happy for that because I wasn't sure how I was going to paint the nails of 20+ models.
How I stood in my own way. At the end of the fashion show I stupidly declined the invitation to attend the after party. I was irritated with the person who had flown to Phoenix with me for not bringing me food I had requested, overwhelmed and overheated, felt I didn't look pretty enough, didn't bring a change of clothes and was so hungry. I know, I know. Plenty of excuses right. This right here was a missed opportunity for me not only to network but to get to know my cousin a lot more (since it was my first time actually meeting her). Meet new people, get content for my blog and also get to meet 2 of my Newbies Who Blog group members. Silly me. I'd never decline an opportunity like that again. Next up, Chicago Fashion Week.

Chicago Fashion Week 2018
My second time around to attend a fashion show was this year in April. I arranged for Scratch of Sweden to sponson designers and their staff at the First Trans Media Fashion Show which as the last show of Chicago Fashion Week. What I learned from the first fashion show was to socialize, smile and do not let anything or anyone stress me out. On the day of the event the owner of the company (who fly in from Sweden) had insisted that we bring nail polish to sell which was a no-no because we didn't pay for a vendor spot. Her persistence was on notice but she later noticed that this was the opportunity to meet new people, network and a prime opportunity for us as a brand to enter a new market. I have to say though, working with her was pretty amazing. I see how passionate she is and I can feel it in everything that she does. 
How I stood in my own way. Chicago is less than 1-1/2 hours away from my home. I should have made myself more available to attend and volunteer at more shows. As someone who writes about beauty, loves to do makeup, hair and also has a thing for fashion, I really had no excuse. Although I kind of did because I work 2 jobs. The one thing I did do different this time around was talk with the other volunteers who were makeup artists, photographers, hairstylists and also made sure that I introduced myself to everyone. Towards the end of the show I made sure I did my rounds and exchanged social media handles so that was a score:-) We followed one another but I still have to do this time around!

Lessons Learned and Applied
How I learned not to stand in my own way. The first 2 fashion shows were a run through for me. I know know that I need to look my best, feel my best and also bring my best. Feeling like I am not pretty enough or dressed up enough is no excuse. I should always have a change of clothes and a change of attitude when going to these events. I am not a burden, I am a asset because I want to be there and they want me along with the products to be there. To practice what I am preaching I have the next fashion show booked a few weeks from now.
Like I did before I sent emails to the founders of Milwaukee Fashion Week and locked September 14th and 15th to both work and attend the event. I on behalf of Scratch of Sweden will be painting the nails of the models for 2 designers. I will smile until my cheeks hurt, smize and laugh until my I create laugh lines, network until no one is left to speak to and attend after parties like I don't have a bed time. There will be no repeats. There will be no mentally doubting my presence. There will only be a positive and memorable career goal checked off my bucket list. You will see.
I've also lined up one more event in 2019 that is going to be even bigger than the fashion shows in Chicago, Phoenix and Milwaukee. I am so excited and cannot wait to share more about but I will keep it silent for now.

Thank you for reading.

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