Eating in Moderation While Toning Your Body and Mind

July 15, 2018
Eating in moderation while toning your body and mind are 2 things that a lot of people including myself struggle with. If you are already slim like me and not necessarily trying to loose weight but want to tone fat into muscle then please hear me when I say, it’s mind over matter. Our mind knows that we shouldn't be eating the things we do and our body knows that we should be cherishing it by exercising. If we changed our way of thinking then we can start to change our physical. It’s a struggle at first but you’ll get through it. Allow me to share with you what I have learned and applied to my semi-healthier lifestyle.

Eating In Moderation
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I for one do not believe in dieting. I dislike the word “dieting”. Can you imagine switching to diet fried chicken or diet mac n cheese? Heck no. What I can imagine is looking and feeling better by simply adjusting what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat. The key things I remember about food (after working over 9 years as a server at Hooters, Country Clubs and other restaurants) is if the food is heavy meaning it contains a lot of oil, sauce, fried, salty or sweet such as red meat, pasta, fried fish and so forth, it will take longer to digest. Too much of those types of food may also lead to health issues therefore limit them to once or twice a week. You can also try alternating them with vegetables and grilled dishes that'll digest faster. I have a ton of great recipes on BeautiFULL Food <--- CLICK THERE TO VIEW. Trust me, your body will thank you. Let's not forget about drinking.

Drinking In Moderation 

There are a lot of beverages that have the ability to fatten you up. Milkshakes, cocktails, beer and many others taste good that may feel good at the moment but may also take longer to digest. I learned my lesson earlier this year about having milkshake for lunch while working a desk job. A few hours after, I was at home vomiting because it never properly digested. It just sat in my stomach since I was moving around and helping with the digestion process. Instead of a milkshake, try a green smoothie that contains kale, spinach, ginger, pineapple and Greek yogurt. All of those greens will lead to a quicker digestion and you won't feel bloated. Here's anther one, DRINK WATER. It's the best stuff on earth!

Love cocktails? Learn to love simple cocktails and red wine. Red wine is known to improve your cholesterol, has antioxidants which means that it is good for your heart and also helps to manage diabetes. You can also make sangrias with red wine and other recipes by doing a quick Google search.
If you are out and about ask the bartender to make you something new; they have a plethora of recipes. Opt out of the beer (which has a high salt and calorie intake) and ask them to make you something. Got a newbie bartender? Order a shot of your favorite liquor on the rocks (meaning ice) with fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice, and a splash of club soda (it has no calories or sugar) in a tall glass. You'll still get the buzz that you were seeking but with less calories, less bloating and you'll still look toned. Speaking of toned, let's chat about exercising.

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20 Minute Full Body Workouts
Working out is one of my favorite things to do (as long as I do not go 2 days without doing it). When I go beyond 2 days without exercising I feel lazy and don't want to do it again until I see or feel a physical problem. Can you relate? Do you look down at your belly and wonder where your feet are hiding? They are there but it's a mental thing for you to realize that you have to exercise.
One of the best workout YouTube channels I found 6 years ago was Blogilates aka Pop Pilates by Cassie Ho. Cassie Ho, the founder and host guides you through a full 10-20 minutes or hour long full workouts that'll leave you sweating, sore yet feeling happier and physically capable of doing more.
All of her videos are categorized to focus on problem areas or body goals. I always concentrate on my abs and my posterior since those are my problem areas. At some points of the exercise routine you will want to give up but don't and she will tell you "Don't Stop!" or "You Got This". Trust me and don't stop. The workouts do hurt only because you are exercising parts of your body that you haven't in a long time so listen to her. It's mind over matter and the toning and slimming of your body will show the more you go. Look at my results!

The other fitness trainers I follow on Instagram are my friends who are personal trainers Val of Run With Val Fitness
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Candace of CandyGyrlsFitness

Those ladies are AMAZING. Val does a lot of muscle building and Candace does a lot of full body pilates type workouts.

I can go on and on about how to tone your body and change your way of eating but I'll save it for the next post "Foods Choices That'll Keep You Looking and Feeling Amazing". Remember you have to start eating in moderation while toning your body and mind.

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