Why You Shouldn't Buy Travel Size Products

I love to travel with my products, I really do but I do not like to waste money buying travel size products when I can get the full size for only 2-3 times the price and 4 times the portion size. Here's why I am recommending that you shouldn't buy travel size products either.

Most recently I was roaming through Sally's Beauty Supply and Target looking for natural hair care products after reading an article a few weeks ago that stated that Sally's Beauty Supply and Target had picked up a lot of Minority/Black Owned Brands so I was here for it. Hey! Hush your mouth. I want to give support to brands who create with my needs in my mind and there is no shame in you doing the same even if you ARE NOT a brownie. But yes, I was looking for the brands Mielle Organics, As I Am, TRUE - By Made Beautiful and Shea Moisture. All the brands excluding Shea Moisture I have not used before but then I stumbled up on this cute travel size product.
shea moisture
 $4 Travel Size
Travel Size Is A No Go
I was like, 'Omg that is so cute.' Then reality set in and I realized that there wasn't much product in that 3.2 fl oz bottle. My curly hair will suck up that entire bottle midway through saturating my strands leaving me to wonder what will I do for the rest of the days I am traveling considering I wash my hair every 3 days? I'll be upset because I ran out of product midway through and ticked because I had to take the time and spend money searching for this product in a town I do not live in. What I should have done and what you should do is, buy full size.

Purchase Full Size Instead
shea moisture
$12 Full Size
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When you buy full size not only are you saving yourself money but you are saving your self time. The time spent on finding the right product is a struggle itself so why spend more time looking for travel sizes? Not all brands carry those specific products that you like and then you find yourself buying some ish that you would not normally use causing more frustration during your travels. Don't do it. Use what you have at home or guy buy the full size and affordable travel containers.

Affordable Travel Size Containers
With airport security constantly being beefed up and the amount of items that you can carry on are restricted, you have to purchase products that can fit in a ziplock bag. These products shouldn't be more than 3.4 ounces in size and 3 of them can fit in the sandwich sized ziplock bag. The place I normally hit up for my bottles is the Dollar Tree.
travel size bottles
The Dollar Tree $1 for pack of 3

They have plastic, reusable containers that come with both a push top and spray top in packs of 3 for only $1. They are pretty darn awesome and travel proof. You can also purchase similar bottles are Target, Walgreens, CVS and many other stores. Don't let the cute packaging suck you in like it almost did me.

Save your dollars on travel size portions, purchase travel size containers and pour in the products that you already love. Safe travels!

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