Colour Pop Lippie Stix Review

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colourpop cosmetics lipstick lippie stix
This lipstick is one that smothers your lips in moisture and color but doesn’t give an even application. When you are speaking it looks as if some saliva in a orange/coral color is forming as you open and close your mouth. I seriously stared at my lips as I applied it over and over again hoping that the streaks would melt on my lips and the film would stop developing in between my lips. It did not. So that was not a good look.
colour pop lipstick lippie stix swatch on lips
Now here is the good part. My lips do not look amazing but add a filter and they will look super beautiful. I love the fact that it is moisturizing and that my lips feel very soft and pillowy however I do not like when I am speaking and it looks as if something is about to start peeling off my lips. Maybe it is the color because it is bright, so maybe I will try a darker colors. That’s if I ever get through all of the lipstick colors that I currently have.

The awesome part about this lipstick is that when you take it off, it’s totally off unlike Clinique’s lipstick. I do not have to worry about the undertones seeping through.
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