Oranges and Pinks Summer Beauty Picks

The season is here! We are being graced with the presence of the sun for approximately 3 months in the Midwest. Hopefully this year it will spark more beauty dos and less don’ts. Less caking and baking and more skin focused cosmetics with subtle hints of color. With the season coming to full bloom sooner rather than later let’s hope for the best. Tis the season to be bright, a bit rachet but freaken fabulous. Here are one of many summer picks!

I have a love hate relationship with cosmetic lines but I love that they make so many different products that I will not completely disregard them especially during the Summer. First up, NYX Cosmetics.
summer makeup

NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in Banana Split $6

nyx buttergloss lipgloss

nyx buttergloss lipgloss

I tried this lipstick on in November and I absolutely loved the formula. It was creamy, not sticky and intense. The color was a coral aka orange and made my lips look 2x the size they normally are. I enjoyed wearing it. Perfect for the summer, not so much for the winter. Wear this one when you are looking to make a statement. Bronzed skin, natural eyeshadows, no wing liner just a drop shadow on the lower lash line that consists of natural color like browns, tans and coppers with a hint of color or and some top of highlight in the inner corners. Trust and believe this lip color will take over the full show.

Scratch of Sweden Nail Polish in Frutti $15
Frutti Scratch of Sweden Nail Polish

Frutti Scratch of Sweden nail polish
Friendly formulated and pigmented to it’s full potential this bright and sparkling color is from the Sparkle Decorative and Top Coat collection. You can wear it alone or add it on top of another color to give it a different finish that consists of orange sparkles. It’s a great polish to wear on both the hands and the feet however I definitely recommend wearing it on the nails of the ring fingers or either the feet. Too much of this color on the hands will cause much unwanted attention in an office environment but definitely the right amount of attention to the feet when outdoors at a summer festival. Sparkle on bright one!

Model Co. Blush in Peach Bellini Blush $22

peach summer blush

peach summer blush
I received this blush in my BirchBox or either my monthly Ipsy bag and completely fell in love with it. It’s a powder blush that you can wear all year round in the summer states of Florida, Texas and California but is only brought out the darkness during the summer months in the Midwest. Like the nail polish Frutti, it packs a punch of color especially if you layer it. I love the fact that it shimmers as well meaning I can wear less highlighters and illuminators. It’s the perfect blush to pair with the Intense Butter Gloss because it adds that peach glow emphasizing your amazing cheekbones and skin. Hello summer. I’m ready.

Almost forgot. The summer shades are from Victoria’s Secret Pink. They are cute, just not on me so much.

Love! Love! Summer. Enjoy!
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  1. I love that NYX butter lipgloss! I have a few & love the formula x


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