Stila Liquid Lipstick and NYX Cream Suede Dual

In an attempt to find the perfect matte lipstick NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick are duking it to earn my love and dollars!

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Kitten Heels $7
NYX Cosmetics matte lipstick
OKAY! OKAY! I am semi-obsessed with this lipstick. I am absolutely in love with the fact that this cream to matte lipstick is only a fraction what Stila has cost me. I love that the wand is long and applicator brush has soft, small bristles that allows it to pick up just the right amount of product on both sides. I definitely admire how it bends slightly at the tip because it allows even more of a precise application.
The color is an orange-based red that makes my high yellow skin complexion pop and give off a glow that did not exist. Thank you NYX. Side Note: This lipstick has many admirers when I wear it, uh hmm, I meant when I wore it. I received so many complements from the guy I am seeing along with friends, family and social media followers. It literally helps my ego to be stroked thus making me want to wear it on those no so happy days.
The way I applied the lipstick was after moisturizing my lips and making sure I removed any excess oil. Once I feel and noticed the shine has gone away I swiped once on the bottom lips, blot the lips together, then a swipe on the top lip and then I use the wand to finish lining any areas that may have been missed.
NYX liquid suede lipstick on brown skin
NYX liquid suede lipstick on brown skin
Now here is the bad part, the product started to curl up and literally peel. I hated that shit. I’d literally think I was done applying the lipstick and blot my lips because it was actually matte. No. I could see the shit curl up on my lips causing me to blot off the curled up product. Yuck! Wanting to take it off because of the irritation, I took a few selfies then took that ish off as soon as I got home. 2 weeks after returning from vacation this year, I tossed it in the trash. I don’t like my lips feeling that way. Maybe I will buy another tube to see if the formula still curls up. Idk but Stila, let’s talk about my love for you.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in BESO $25

Liquid Lipstick on brown skin
DUPE ALERT! This lipstick is pretty darn amazing as far as matching the color from the Suede Cream Lipstick but amazing in many other ways. I don’t have any regards spending ¼ of $100 of my hard earned money on this little tube that brings me momentarily joy. Ok. That’s a lie. I partly do. I love cosmetics but whew, sometimes my bank account is upset with me. Yes, the lipstick is amazing. I love the smooth application that is similar to the liquid swede minus the bend and the brush that allows me to use both front and back to apply to both the bottle and top lips without having to dip back in for more.
The color of this one looks almost blue based depending on the lighting however it does look a bit orange based as well. The consistency is definitely similar to NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, which is thin to medium. Of course you do have the option to add another coat to intensify the color or keep on one layer just to say, “Hey babe”. Seriously. No lie. I actually bought this color BESO because it looked so much like my other color Kitten Heels.
The way I like to apply this matte lipstick is after I have thoroughly moisturized my lips with a lip balm or a lip gloss. I wait 20 minutes and then I blot off the excess balm or gloss then apply the matte liquid lipstick that way my lips still feel hydrated and moisturized underneath but will still result in a matte finish. Yes.
Liquid Lipstick on brown skin
Stila Cosmetics All Day Liquid Lipstick on brown skin
Now the bad part. The one thing that I did not like about this lipstick is that it does stain clothes. It stays on the lips all day long but even with the slightest hug or touch from your clothing it will stain. Not good. My white shirt has a bit of lipstick on it that I cannot get out; my guy’s navy blue vest has some red on it that I could care less if he gets out;-). Point is, it stands. I think I may have to soak my white shirt in soapy water with a splash of bleach. Anymore than a splash can ruin clothes and I spend too much money on cosmetics to buy more clothes.

I loved the lip suede and I loved how the color looked on to my lips although I could feel it start to peel 2 minutes after I applied. Stila on the other hand won my heart due to the fact that it did not curl although it stained my cloths. Only one can dream of the perfect cosmetics. Oh well.

You know my model, “Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I will try both.”
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