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Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
too much makeup

I swear I love makeup. I love the ability to create, re-create and then wash it off at the end of the day. What I am not loving are new makeup brands are launching left and right and now the current makeup brands are trying to keep up with Jones' or should I say the Jenner/Kardashians' and will not stop launching new products literally every 2 months. Every 2 months is CRAZY. How are we to keep up with this! It makes it very difficult for me as a consumer to know what is good, long lasting, quality as well.

This beauty industry is becoming too much, I swear. As soon as you to start to really like a product, here comes another one that is slightly different in color, size and price point. A lot of these brands, take for example Kylie Cosmetics reminds me so much of Juvia's Place with the packaging although the quality is slight different. Oh and let's not forget that there is an option for entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a cosmetics line to invest in private labeling. Morphe used to offer this option. It's funny because you will see a lot of girls on social media bashing a brand not knowing that the other one that they are loving so much actually came from the same company but it is a different brand with the same formula. Silly people. Now advertising.

Log into Instagram and see what is being advertised. I'll wait... I do not even own a television and I see more advertising being done on YouTube, now Twitter since I have started to pay attention and almost every 3 posts there is an ad on Instagram. Facebook is the worse. It interupts a 20 second video that someone posted to play a 10 second ad related to what I was just Googling. Damn cookies.

The way that Instagram gets me is that they feed you your interest based off the cookies that are stored on your device, then they show them and then you are sucked in. You do not need the product but you are being mind f**ked into thinking that you do. It has now gotten to the point where I refuse to buy products unless they are, prepare yourself for a list, 1. On sale 2. I can use a coupon code 3. It comes with a gift 4. I can use Kohl's Cash and 5. It's On Sale!

The last products I purchased were from Boston Store was the Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation Concealer by Clinique, a Acne Wash (I don't have acne but prone to hyper pigmentation and blackheads on my nose), Take The Day Off Balm, another tube of $6 mascara from Rimmel London at Walgreen's. Guess what tho?! I used a coupon for the Clinique purchases and both products came with 2 gift bags that had even more products that included a trio eye shadow palette, mascara, face moisturizer and makeup remover.

The point is, there are too many cosmetic lines launching weekly if not monthly and I wonder how come there aren't restrictions on how much can be produced? Seriously. All the plastic packaging, the chemicals it puts into our air and the waste that doesn't end up in a recycle bin. It's like HELLO, some of the stuff is not good at all. It is actually bad for your skin in general and the others are so good but cost so much damn money that I really do not want to buy although I won't.

I love cosmetics but please stop overwhelming us with too many cosmetic lines.

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