Monday, September 5, 2016

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

What to to do with old mascara that perfectly matches your eyebrow color? Keep It! Yes, it may be a bit dry but add a bit of water or a drop of rosehip oil. Shake the tube better yet use the mascara wand to move it around in circles, pump the wand is ever so slightly stir and remove. Trust… It will thoroughly mix the product.

You’re probably wondering how I came up with this right? Well, first of all I am on a very, very tight budget and I also have a ton of makeup that I still have yet to finishing using or even open. So before I open a new product I want to get more use out of each opened one before I toss it out to try out the new-new beauty. Now as I was going through my makeup bag and then I realized there it was. This bottom lash mascara that I sought out for 2 hours one day in Millenia Mall. It was my favorite at the time and now that I think about it, I do not now know why I stopped using it, however I kept it.

Side Note
With each liquid makeup that is used to near your eyes, the use of this product should not exceed 6 months. Why? It can cause an eye infection if you use it more than that due to the fact that bacteria is grabbed from the air. Then naked to the human eye has fallen on the wand and when you go to apply the product to your eyes, you accidently blink your eye and get some liquid from your eyes onto the mascara wand nonchalantly inserting the want back in the tube. And OPPS! There starts the buildup. I have such a colorful imagination but that is how I envision the beginning stages of the how infectious are caused by liquid eye makeup.

bottom lash mascara

bottom lash mascara

I love this mascara because of the spoolie aka mascara wand. It is so small that brushing the product through the hairs of either eyelashes or eyebrows it gives it the right amount of coverage. The wand is not too long and it is not to short. The packaging of the tube is super cute. I love the grayish almost metallic like bottle. Not in the waterproof formula which makes this mascara removal process easy, which I love because I hate sleeping with my faux and “flawless face” on. The only thing I didn’t like and equally loved about this product is that it is a no-clump formula. Not sure if that is what they were going for but my gosh, they’ve got it. Glad it doesn’t clump and layers every so slightly.

How To Apply To Eyebrows

bottom lash mascara

  1. Brush brow hairs up and in the direction of growth
  2. With the mascara wand do the same and add pressure to areas you’d like more opaque
  3. When brow hairs are thoroughly tinted and tamed, clean and sharpen the arch with concealer or foundation.
So now you know. Before you ditch the used product for a new one, try a different use for it.

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