Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bitzy Nail Polish Remover Pads

I hate this damn bottle of nail polish remover! We have all said it before. You know removing nail polish can be a real bit*h. I absolutely love painting my feet. I would say my hands but I prefer to paint and do outrageous or simple nail art on my feet. I figure with my feet I can be as creative as I want without the judgment. With painting my fingernails I have to stick with certain colors and shapes. They cannot be too long and they cannot be too pointy. Like they cannot look like cat claws, which I absolutely adore but I cannot wear. For me, painting my feet well more like giving myself a pedicure is the most relaxing part of my day. I know that there are plenty of professionals out there who can do it for me, but I like to know that the foot tube that I am using as been sanitized thoroughly. I need to know that I will develop a fungus because someone didn’t properly wash and bleach the entire tub. Just to think about it makes my freaken bloody boil. Anyhow back to my point… nail art. Nail art or painting the nails with multiple coats of polish is time consuming but what is even more time consuming is the removal process.

acetone nail polish remover

I am absolutely and head over heels in love with these polish removing pads. Why? Because although it does contain acetone, it does have ingredients that do not dry out your hands after you have used the product. This plastic pink container of goodness comes packed with 32 pads with a scent of artificial watermelon. Idk why I picked watermelon but then again I do. The container was a pink container and I was going to use it for the Scratch of Sweden vendor booth I was working last month. ( I decorated the booth pink, white and gold. Super cute check out the Instagram video). Back to the point, when you open the lid of the container you are immediately happy. The pads are cute in cute as* daisy shapes and they smell of happiness. Each pad is thin however is packed with so much product that you will wonder how it is not dripping on your hands at that point in time. Doing a trial test I was so surprised that literal with on small touch, this pad had already removed the polish from my finger. And with a little more pressure, it had completely removed the polish from my fingers. Like this stuff is literally the best thing since… ish. Idk, but it is some pretty good stuff.

The normal method to remove nail lacquer aka nail polishes is with non-acetone nail polish remover and some piece of cotton. The method that I like to use for removal is this:
Pour nail polish removal into a plastic or glass container that has a pump for easy access and less spills.
Set out a few cotton rounds, square or balls. At the minimum have at least 5. 2 per finger.
Push down on the pump to saturate the middle of the cotton
Push the cotton on the nail containing polish and let it soak into the nail for 15 seconds.
Now move the cotton around in small circles.
If any areas still have polish on them repeat the previous 3 steps

Easier Method
Take your a** to Sally’s Beauty Supply and pick up a container of Bitzy Nail Polish Remover Pads!
Push the pads on the nail containing polish and let it soak into the nail for 15 seconds.
Now move the pads around in small circles.
If any areas still have polish on them repeat the previous step

Ok. Stop reading now and move on to the next entry.

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