Friday, June 24, 2016

No Caking Just Slaying. Natural Beauty For Summer

Ok. I am going to do a bit of a rant because I see all these tutorials on contouring and highlighting and baking and foundations and blushes and blah, blah, blah fu*ken blah and I am beyond annoyed. First off, it is Summer. That means that it is HOT as a guys balls in skinny jeans. No one needs to cake on 10lbs of makeup when the sun is clearly going to bake it into your skin, increase your chances of skin irritation, rashes, bumps and acne. If you're a natural beauty or faux beauty, I can still help you. Here are a list of products and recommendations for great glowing skin during these summer months.

Non-Oil Based Face Moisturizers with SPF
Obsession: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel $26
face lotion, skin care, moisturizer
Your skin still needs moisturize with a built in SPF screen protector. Just because the sun is shining and giving you a glow doesn't mean that your face is thoroughly moisturized and protected from the sun. Find out from a professional during a FREE consultation if your skin is oily, dry, combination, acne prone or mature so he/she can recommend the right products for you. If you're on beauty on a budget like me, follow my skincare board on Pinterest for DIY recommendations.

Obsession: Elf Cosmetics Perfect Blend Concealer $2
ELF Cosmetics, concealer, light coverage concealer
Your undereye circles still make you look like you got punched in the face so please conceal and finish with powder. Unsure how to do it, here is a DIY for you boo.

Powder Foundation or Translucent Powder
MAC, loose powder, face powder

MAC, face powder, highlight, loose powder

I highly recommend that you start your looks with moisturizer and concealer finish all of your looks with powder foundation or no color translucent powder this summer.  Do not start them with a liquid or cream foundation. Why? Because it is SUMMER and over a small amount of time your face will be melting and eventually ruining any white clothes that you'd like to continue owning.

Matte Lipstick
colour pop, lippie stix, lipstick

I love lipgloss in the summer but I hate that it is so hot outside that my face and my lips match each other. I look like I've been eating fried food and I've only had salad and water. Not good. Stick with the matte and avoid the gloss. However there is one exception which is for a night time date and the weather actually hits below 70° outside. You may then be safe.

Obsession: NYX Cosmetics Illuminator Ritualistic $9
NYX cosmetics, highlighter
It's all about the glow biches. Yes, the summer is going to keep you looking glowy but why not top it off with a little bit of tint. Its makes even the nonpregnant beauties look like they are glowing with faux happiness.

face mask, LUSH Cosmetics, skincare

face mask, skin care, LUSH Cosmetics

Great skincare starts with a great skin regimen. Rather you have the extra dough to let a professional take care of it or you want to do it at home, give yourself a facial. All the nasty stuff that was caked on will thank you.


Yes, this is a professional, whitehead or blackhead extracting combined with exfoliation treatment. No if you are financially strapped, find a great esthetician that will work with you and your budget then you have hit the jackpot. FYI this process is a treatment that should be done every 3-4 weeks. It is a more harsh form of exfoliation but it gets to the root of hyperpigmentation.

Everyone please stop caking on the face and watching tutorials on looks that are more for special occasions. Embrace your natural beauty a little more this summer.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Maui Moisture Curl Quench

Lately I have been on the hunt to find the best shampoo for my curly, dry, color treated semi-natural hair. And where did I go exactly?? Ulta. It's my version of heaven.
Without further ado let me give you a review what I use recently.

maui moisture, shampoo, hair

The shampoo is smooth and creamy and it feels like it can coat the hair very nicely for a really good lather. The smell was refreshing. It smelled a little citrus like and coconut of course. I liked it. The conditioner is kind of good however I would love to reformulate it a bit more. Back to the shampoo. When I applied it to my hair I had to use a quarter size to almost a half dollar size amount to start a shampoo.  The nickel size amount did not seem to work at first. After that it lathered immediately. Washing my hair twice as I usual I felt as if my hair was partially clean however it let me feeling a little like it was about to be gritty and nasty once I rinsed it out. It felt almost like the Suave clarifying shampoo. I didn't like that. Maybe the second shampoo dried my hair out a little too much. Either way, I am not a fan of it.

maui moisture, coconut oil, hair, conditioner
This conditioner is actually pretty good if you're going to wear your hair straight, not curly. The consistency is thin to medium and not very sticky. Normally when I wear my hair curly I like for my conditioner to be a bit sticky so that it hydrates and moisturizes my curls without me having to reapply a day or two later.  Like the shampoo it smells pretty damn good. I like. I like. But yes so slightly following the directions on the back of the bottle, I tend to use a lot of conditioner but since I'm wearing my hair straight for this product I used about a good table 2 tablespoons finger combing it through my hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes. I then rinse out 80% of it.
This conditioner is a great formula however I'll keep the conditioner and swap out the shampoo. It's just not the right amount of balance of cleansing and moisturizing for my hair.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sorry Not Sorry🤕:-/ Carpel Tunnel

My hand is turning against me!

Hello. I know it's been awhile since I posted however I have been developing arthritis like symptoms in my dominant hand. So it makes typing my beauty blog a bit difficult. Making good use of iPhones talk to text I am going to drop all of my blog entries on here copy and paste them to my blog.m. That being said I will continue to manage this blog along with my new platform for talented new bloggers two years and newer called Newbies Who Blog (which is blowing up off the charts people) Scratch of Sweden. Thank you for following my blog and I will post something soon.

Right now I cannot create a hyperlink but you can join Newbies on

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