Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nixing Your Adult Acne

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Maxine Irgang
Licensed Esthetician

Alright, I’m back to share some knowledge on that dreaded “A” word… acne. You know, the stuff on your face that ruins your day, week, or even month well here to help with I have a few more tips to keep breakouts away.

bare minerals bareskin pressed powder
Avoid pore clogging ingredients in your makeup. Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation $24 in the pressed powder form does not contain any pore clogging ingredients. The coverage is buildable, yet very natural. However be sure to moisturize thoroughly pre application as it tends to accentuate flakes and dehydrates the skin if lacking moisture. Avoid any product with ingredients that have a comedogenicity rating of 3 or above. To check product’s ingredients, click here

Kiikkerland HedgeHog Dryer Balls
Dryer Balls.
I recommend Bed Bath & Beyond sells HedgeHog Dryer Balls by Kikkerland$7. If you used dryer sheets, STOP! Do not use dryer sheets! I love me some Snuggle Bear, but he’s known to clog pores, increasing the buildup in your skin especially when used on your bed and bathroom linen. If you must stop the static cling, stick to the dryer balls. Your skin will thank you, trust me.

Biotin Supplements.
Avoid Biotin supplements (the ones that promote faster and healthier growth of hair, skin and nails) if you have acne. Biotin causes a rapid reproduction of cells therefore a person with acne has pores that shed dead skin cells 5 times as fast as person with normal skin, which means the body cannot eliminate the dead skin cells because the pores are constantly shedding resulting in pores that are being clogged with dead skin, sebum, and dirt. Clogged pores = pimples.

We all want perfect skin, but we just have to take the extra steps to get it. To learn more tips and tricks, industry insight and professional advice subscribe now.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

In A Rush. When A Wing Goes Wrong

eye makeup

I commute for work and commuting for me consists of putting my face during a 2 hour train ride. So I am putting my face on as usual starting with my eyebrows which stay on fleek then on to my eye makeup. And then it happened. My fucken wing got destroyed! Oh the pain I felt as I saw the disaster happen right before my eyes. How in the world did I made my awesome wing take a complete 360? Well let me tell ya.

First off I had planned to do a subtle look. Starting with the brows I was only going to fill in the sparse areas of my eyebrows. Wrong. I filled them with the Brow Tool in Universal by It Cosmetics and and cleaned the underside of the arch with concealer. Next my natural eyeshadow look of warm and natural tones turned into a pinkish-brown translucent shade which I am a bit pissed about considering "Sienna" is supposed to be a red-ish brown color from Anastasia Beverly Hills which totally threw me off again. To top off my subtle look I wanted to add a bit of "Truffle" brown and "Black Diamond" in the corner to make the wing pop! Oh my. That wing got the best of me today.

The right eyes always start off so perfect and then the left eyes gives me the most amount of trouble. Using "Expert Liquid Eyeliner" by Elf Cosmetics which by the way has the bust applicator brush EVERRRR!!!! I started from the outside and worked my way into the inner corners. The right was looking good. Literally all I had to do was slightly clean the tip with a bit of concealer and done.

Now the left eye. That eye just wasn't feeling me today. Better yet the angle that I was holding my hand just wasn't working. It's like my hand and my head wasn't aligning as usual. Normally I tilt my head to the right, using my right hand I start my wing from the corners and draw a thin line inward while always staying close to the eyelash line. That wasn't happening at all. The line was sparse in some areas and so uneven. I was very disappointed. Trying to make the right eye match with the left, I made a complete mess with that one as well.

How did I fix it? A square shaped eyeshadow brush used to smudge the bottom lash line. I pressed it in ever so slightly and pulled the wing upward to made the line go from hard to a bit of a shadow. Giving the appearance of a black eyeshadow. Whew! Can't believe I fixed it. I don't have much time so the was the best subtle look gone glam thanks to mind over matter.

Always In A Rush but guaranteed to be pretty.
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