Saturday, January 23, 2016

Confessions... Vacation turned Workcation Without Mascara

I went home for the holidays and what home usually consists of me attempting to relax for a day or 2 but being interrupted with image enhancing (unwanted) chores. Arriving into town with makeup in my carry on bag, I was ready to get glam for working in Chicago… or so I thought.

On the train to Chicago I slayed my face to perfection but Stila was all gone. I ran out of mascara. What the hell! First stop, Sally’s Beauty Supply. Spotted. A tube of volumizing and lengthening mascara! I asked both of the sales associates if either one of them had tried it. One of them said no and the other side yes. I looked at the one who said yes and saw her makeup and thought to myself… If she has tried this mascara and liked it then I am screwed because her makeup needs a bit of help. I don’t know if she knows what good mascara is or not but I definitely know makeup and I will not be taking her advice. On to the next store. Hello Macys. Did you miss me?

Inside of Macy’s I was very surprised to see that there was barely anyone in there considering MAC had launched their version of liquid lipsticks that day. By the way, have you seen the packaging? It looks a little plastic and cheap? Palladio costs less than them and their packaging is way better. Back to my hunt, I was going to try 2 from Two Face Cosmetics but one had a synthetic brush, came only in black and the other was synthetic as well with or random colors. Both were waterproof and not in travel size. Negative.

Working my way on over to Benefit, the good and reliable ones for brows and lashes, they had me in awww. I made a quick spotting of the mascara I wanted and YES. It was not waterproof. The color was brown/black, the brush was silicon and it came in a sample/travel size all for $12. Yes! Yes! Yes! And YES! Chicago you got me though with that 10.25% sale tax. Raped my plastic devil aka credit card but I’m good though. I’m totally in love with Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. It’s pretty damn good.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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