Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sweaty. No, Dewy Finish by Maybelline FIT Me

Obsession: Maybelline
FIT Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation $6

For the past month I have been completely obsessed with Maybelline fit me foundation. That stuff is like the best stuff ever (really, not really). The formulation of the foundation is great because it is s bit thick however coverage is full yet the finish semi-glowy. It gives the impression of a slight sweaty look but no so much sweaty. It's hard to explain but that's why they called it a "Dewy" finish.

For a girl like me I really do not like a lot of heavy foundation clogging my pores. Instead I love a foundation that I can mix with the primer and moisturizer if I don't have a BB or CC cream. By mixing it with a primer and a moisturizer I am able to get complete coverage however it is still a light to medium coverage that takes away from the uneven skin tones that I have all over my face. So in order to use this foundation here are my simple steps.

Application Method
  1. Cleanse face as usual.
  2. Apply a pea size amount moisturizer, primer and foundation and massage gently into the entire face and neckline with your hands
  3. Optional:
  4. Apply a concealer under the eyes and blend down and out towards the brows with a damp beauty blender
  5. Set foundation in place with a loose mineral powder like MAC Mineralize Loose Powder Foundation
  6. Apply bronzer to cheekbones blending into apples of cheeks, hairline and down the bridge of the nose
  7. Fill in brows and clean lines for precision arch with concealer
  8. Continue eye makeup or either apply a nude lipgloss similar to "Edie" by Armour Beauty Mist face with a finishing sprays and look is complete

Buying what I like despite the price is how I justify my makeup and cosmetic obsessions / hoarding addiction. As I always say "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'all try both."

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Confessions... Macy's, Inglot and MAC... Why Must You Tempt ME

Yesterday was a pretty shitty day and what I like to do on shitty days is to find a way to make it a less shitty day. How? Easy. With my dependable source to beauty. Macy's. Macy's get me everytime. It was pouring rain yesterday. It poured and rained so much that if I had even thought of getting out my car to pick up some hair products, I would look like someone threw, yes THREW VERY HARD, a bucket of water on my entire body. But there I sat, in my car, waiting and waiting until about 15 minutes and passed and I finally got out. Step by step, I could feel my irritation level rising and as my feet got wetter (I wore open toe sandals) I became a little less irritated. Kind of. I shook my head and said oh well. This is Florida. Went in the store, came back out and there it was.

Macy's. No more like Millenia Mall was staring at me. I slowly drove towards Conroy Road and made a right into the grand entrance. Oh, it was beautiful. The way the entrance in between Bella and The Cheesecake Factory welcomed you as if the was worth the drive along towards the entrance welcomed you with open arms. Walking towards the entrance you stare and this beautiful architectural structure of financial incapabilities but all capable due to plastic devils aka store credit cards. It has valet, and a waterfall both outside and inside. You can see directly through the building thanks to the enormous glass windows and doors. I park and exit. I have now entered the home of all those biches I love but cannot yet afford. However thanks to my plastic devil I went directly into the good old dependable one Macy's. Macy's never let me down. Well they almost did but I came out feeling great.

A world of a irritation lifetime ago, I left out feeling a ton times better and dryer especially since MAC and I decided to let Inglot join our home collection. Purchasing only 3 items (just to be safe side), I was more than happy to go home with Inglot's $12 cream gel eyeliner in #84 (yellow) and #88 (sky blue) along with "Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder" $35 - that’s a really long name - from MAC's Wash and Dry Collection. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about Macy's turning my almost bitchfest to a happy fest to to an error on their hand But I was very happy that those 3 or more like 2 brands tempted me and I gave in. What can I say. I'm A Biche Obsessed With Beauty.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Confessions... Vera, You Saved Me

You know when you're unpacking and you realize that you forget your essentials and you're like What the fuck!? Noooo. What the fuck because you left your favorite makeup primers and moisturizers that you use just about everyday and noooo because you never purchased 2 of those essentials that you don't want to live without. And then you realize it's ok because you got new makeup. Makeup such as Simply Vera Wang that you have been waiting to break in or my "Luminzer" by Forever 21 that I've been waiting to use again. This is exactly what happened to me.

I got home from the Midwest the other day and I was bummed after my sister face timed me. "You forgot this," as she waved my little essential bag in her hand. Crap. Crap. Crap. And then I remembered the little makeup haul I went on at Kohl's department store. Originally I called Kohl's to pick up Lorac Cosmetics "Heartbreaker" palette, which they did not have, but found "Simply Vera Wang, Flirt and American Beauty" products on clearance with an additional 15% off when you use your Kohl's charge card. Bummed but excited at the same time you know what I did...? I swiped that little devil and only spent $14.00. STEAL! At the time I didn't know when I'd ever get to wear them but I knew exactly where to store them.

Now that I'm without my little essentials Simply Vera Wang moisturizing liquid foundation has been my savior. Using it now for about 3 days I am really loving it. It isn't heavy, my skin can breathe and I can combine it with my Clinique Acne Clearing Gel and Forever 21's Face Luminizer. It gives me a nice glow and my makeup looks more flawless that when I used my other goodie by Maybelline Fit Me collection. I'll be going back to Kohl's real soon to collect more. This is truly some good stuff.

Thanks Vera. You saved me.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

I'll Take A Little Spice Please. Facial Cleanser

Obsession: All Natural Spice Soap $8

This little beauty was not a find of my own but discovered by my mother at TJ MAXX. I've been out of town for a few days and although I travel with sample size portions courtesy of subscriptions to Ipsy and Birchbox, I prefer to use what my mother has stowed away. She is obsessed with beauty but not so much makeup but with lotions and soaps.

This little bar of spice soap is the best. When you look at it you know that it is made of raw ingredients. You can actually feel and smell all the goodness calling your name. Staying true to its "natural" ingredients and appearance by the team behind this brand really drew me in by packaging the spice soap with a bamboo holder. The bamboo ensures freshness. The holder design reminds me of a platform bed frame. The slates are laid out in a perfect rectangular shape slightly larger than the object that'll be placed directly on top. Oh, oh, and the fact that the person in charge of this design concept knew that because our hands are always wet the soap will not slip off at all the holder so instead it will be dry perfectly on top of the bamboo. Love this soap!

Besides that I always remove my "face" makeup at night with a cleanser that does more than clean the surface. I need and have found (currently) the perfect cleanser (at my mothers house) that gets deep down into my pores removing all first and smoothing out any impurities. Biore is my Biche but this is my new one.

Please Note: When using all natural cleansing products you must stop using over the counter products that contain chemical ingredients such as silicic acid or bleaching ingredients. Using both products will counteract and you will then have to seek a professional dermatologist to resolve skin impurities or inflammation.

Happy Cleansing Biches.
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