Monday, April 27, 2015

Buttery Eyeshadows by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lavish Palette $28

I've been completely obsessed with using my Anastasia of Beverly Hills products in my own celebration of the release of the new "Artist" palette.  From the "Dipbrow Pomade" to the "Lavish and Catwalk" palettes now to the Artist" palette. The "Lavish Palette" by far is my favorite. It was released last year in early 2014 and it comes with 10 colors that are mostly neutral and the fact that it was only $28 was a steal. These eyeshadows are perfect because there is no fall out. When I put it on my brush, I barely have to rub the brush into each eyeshadow pan to get color. Oh and the buttery feel of each eyeshadow when it hits my skin it is to die for. It just locks onto the skin that I don't even have to use a primer. The pigment and lasting power is amazing.

I have yet to use my "Artist" palette (review and obsession will be coming soon:_)) since it just arrived, I'm simply not down using the "Lavish" palette.  I posted 2 "Arab/Double Wing Inspired Makeup" looks on Instagram.

One I used the "Electric" palette (pictured in the left margin) from Urban Decay and the other using the "Lavish" palette (pictured above) and they both got a nice amount of "likes" so I decided to do a toned down version (pictured below [minus all the wings]) for work that was natural and easy.

To complete a similar natural look read below 🔽

Application Method:

  1. Fill eyebrows, clean lines with concealer and apply a brow highlight underneath as usual
  2. Apply "Orange Soda" all over the eyes
  3. Apply "Sienna" with a fluffy blending brush in the crease blending up towards brow highlight
  4. Lightly apply "Rum Cake" on lid and then pack on "Orange Soda" directly on top
  5. Apply "Truffle" with a tapered blending brush blending brush on top of "Sienna" blending it slightly to see the transition
  6. Pack on "Orange Soda" all over the lid again
  7. Apply a waterproof kohl black eyeliner to bottom lash line and upper water line avoiding the tear ducts
  8. Smudge "Truffle" on top of the blending slightly outwards to create a small shadow
  9. Apply about 3 coats of a volumizing mascara like the one I'M FUCKEN OBSESSED WITN RIGHT NOW to the top lashes and 2 coats to the bottom lashes

This is a look that is natural and simply gorgeous using great products at a low price (not that it matters;)). "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both."
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Confessions... Stroking The Ego

The same feeling that I had as a teenage girl buying my first eyeliner (that was $2.00 from the clearance section at the pharmacy) was the same rush I felt lay night buying the new Anastasia Beverly Hills "Artist Palette". I know that I don't need it but to feel the void that I have in my life, I want it. Seeing how pretty the colors are in the packaging and imagining how pretty they will look when I pair them together is what makes me want to buy more. Each time I buy a something new, I think to myself what can I do to attract the right amount of attention. Yes, I want attention. I want complements. It is always a joy when people say, " How do you do your makeup like that?" Or "Your skin looks so great, what do you use?" Those are questions I like to hear. Those are questions any self taught makeup artist (or makeup enthusiasts) would love to hear.

I AM IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY PEOPLE! The makeup is for me but it's also to share and teach the non-makeup enthusiasts of the benefits. I use products to conceal (my blemishes) and to enhance (the shape of my eyes and cheekbones). Of course I have my favs but I obsess over a lot of makeup / cosmetics I'd be lying if I didn't say I don't like my ego stroked as well, don't you?

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Confessions... Why Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

I started this page because I wanted to talk about my reasoning behind this makeup and beauty obsession I have.

Growing up, I'd always see women with their face done up and I always thought some of them looked great and some of them needed help. I guess you can say I was already a beauty critic before I even got into the beauty industry. Looking at each female I knew just by looking if they were wearing too much makeup or either they needed to learn how to arch their eyebrows. Yes, I said eyebrows. They have been my obsession for years. Then I became a teenager and that's when I started to pay more attention to myself. I'd look in the mirror and think how I could make myself look more attractive in each person's eyes. So at 13 I started to use my mother's black eyeliner. I used it to line the bottom water line and then I'd line my lips with the same eyeliner after I applied some chapstick. Smudging the color slightly, it created an matte, ombre effect. At the time I didn't know that I was creating what is now trending. I was simply doing what I liked (at the time) and doing what I thought would look good on me.

After "realizing" that I needed (more like wanted ) a few tweaks, I'd go with my mother to the grocery store. As she walked down aisle 4, I'd walk down aisle 8 to stare at the makeup while trying to come up with a way to save money and buy some of the cosmetics that I had come to obsess over. After I finish walking down that aisle, I walk towards the magazines. Picking up "Right On, Word Up, Essence, Seventeen and Ebony." Staring at all the beautiful pictures, I picked out every little thing that was off while also picking out every little thing about myself that I have yet to have. Long eyelashes, long hair, perfect lip shape, and of course the thin but curvy body to match. In the pages of the magazines everyone looked so vibrant and looked like they had it all. I knew that they didn't but it was a facade. A facade that I liked so much that eventually I'd learn how to mock up photos as well. (Hello Instagram and those filters.) It was a photograph. But I knew that if I could master how to look good on camera and in person, I'd be good to go.

Skipping lunch by saving 3 days worth of lunch money, I purchased my first eyeliner and some lipgloss. I'd apply it every morning after I took a detour to the bathroom on my way to class and taking it off on my walk back home from school so my mother wouldn't see it on my face. I loved the way it looked but I knew I wanted to try more. Oh, hello clearance rack. I didn't know you existed. And this was just the beginning of my beauty obsession.  

This was the beginning of "Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder".  

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Confessions... Sneaky, Sneaky MAC is Beauty Event

And so it happened again. With intentions of going to the Florida Mall to purchase a dress or skirt at Express I walked through the doors to only hear cheers, laughter and loud pop music. I knew it had to be MAC. There I was. MAC is Beauty event. Front and center, the center of the mall that is where MAC Cosmetics launched their Spring season of products and I was walking in right on all of the excitement. Walking right into a set up. As I walked anxiously with eyes widening with each step, I see a guy walking in the opposite direction. His head and neck so tight, shoulders up right, chest leading the way and eyebrows so damn unbelievable filled in to pair with trendy, flawless faux hawk and posture as stiff as his makeup, I wondered if it was really a human being walking with that phone glued to his ear. I did a double take. Heyyyyyy.... I know him. That is MAC Daddy.

Getting closer and closer I start to see all the people swarming like insects. Insects praying on their next meal. All the sleek black outfits and flawless makeup moving so nonchalantly that when they scurry past me searching for the right products (for each customer who is willing to spend $38 on a primer) it is only here they believe they will find their perfect lipstick. Their perfect kohl eyeliner or their perfect mascara. Stopping myself before I totally get sucked in, I start to walk very, very slow. So slow that the sales associates make eye contact with me and knew that I wanted to approach them but they were just too damn busy to meet me halfway. But more like too damn focused to miss a sale. Just because they love their MAC discounts, doesn't mean they don't miss getting commision, which equals more $$$ for more makeup when off the clock.

Anxiously wanting to see more I slowly walked towards the guys who were styling a couple of ladies' hair. With slow movements they manipulated each piece of hair with a teasing comb and lots of hairspray. With each spray, the ladies' hair got stiffer and stiffer like their perfectly placed makeup. Looking at them with almost a blank stare I start to remember images of a flyer I had seen earlier on Instagram. These girls were wearing the same type of outfit and the hair was perfectly nailed like the image on the flyer. MAC is Beauty. MAC is Beauty. MAC is Beauty Spring 2015 Collection. You sure are and I hate you for sucking me in (not really;)).

Oh, I almost forgot the important part. I left with a goodie. Beauty Powder in "Alpha Girl." It is sheer beauty with a hint of pink-ish peach. I'm in obsessively in love with it and currently using it as a highlighter/cheek glow. I will be writing about this new obsession in just a few more days on the "Cosmetics Obsession" page.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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