Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BB Me Up Scottie!

BB Me Up Scottie!

BB cream and CC cream is the thing right now along with face illuminators.
For the beauty addicts who have yet to discover it. Comodynes BB Anti-Aging Moisturizing Foundation Cream is one of my favorites. It is a 6 in 1 combination of moisturizer, anti-wrinkle, smoothing, anti-oxidant, illuminating and protecting cream that it is oil free. (That is a biggie because living down here in sunny, and extremely hot Florida. It is must.) A face luminizer is a liquid bronzer that comes in a light and creamy consistency. You can literally see the flecks of gold and shimmer.
BB creams combined with a face illuminators are like the 2 best things ever (in my valley girl tone). I am so obsessed right now. I am not even sure how I ever survived without it.

Now I found this little goodie and the trusty store TJ Maxx when I was not supposed to be shopping. With its 6 in one action, I literally cut off one too many items such as moisturizer, prep and prime and powder. The texture of this product is smooth, but thick in consistency due to the combination of jojoba, sunflower, and mimosa so a little go a long way. This BB Color cream comes in 3 different tones: Light, Medium and Dark.

Photo credit http://www.comodynes.net/bb-color/

I was in Forever 21 the other day looking for their financially friendly but o so great $2 t-shirts when my jaw dropped. There it was. It was a face illuminator (aka liquid gold that makes your face shimmer) and since I was banning myself from MAC Cosmetics I had to have it. I had been watching Sonjdra Deluxe and she was using MAC Lustre Drops in “ Sun Rush,” so I had to find a similar product to try before I made a bigger investment. Combining it with Comodynes BB Color in Medium was a perfect combination. This face illuminator comes in 2 tones: 24 Karat and Rose Gold.

Photo credit: forever21.com
Bronzed Beauty Application Method
Wash face with a pore minimizer face wash like Bioré or do a steam treatment (click here for pore minimizing post), and air dry. Do Not Apply a Face Moisturizer
Products: Comodynes BB Color, Forever 21’s Luminizer, blush, makeup brushes, foundation or foundation sticks, concealer, beauty blender finishing powders, and mascara.

  1. Apply a dime size amount of Comodynes BB Color and a pea size amount of Forever 21’s Luminizer to entire face, and working it into the skin in circular motions making sure the face is even saturated. Evenly spread the product underneath the jaw line, under the eyes and into the hairline.
  2. Apply a liquid concealer like Palladio Herbal Liquid Concealer
  3. under eyes with a beauty blender sponge and pushing it in while blending it outwards and towards the temples.
  4. Lock in concealer with a finishing powder such as Ben Nye Luxury Powder
  5. For contouring apply a foundation (sticks or liquid) 2 shades darker than your skin tone into the hollows of the cheeks (suck in your cheeks) using a sculpting brush, around hairline, sides of the nose and create a vertical line on the left and right side of your mouth on your chin using a flat top bluffing brush by EcoTools.
  6. Use a flat top sculpting brush and use circular motions to blend in the product.
  7. Apply a bronzer using a tapered blush brush or a dense fan brush by EcoTools to highlight the areas that you did not apply the foundation such as the bridge of nose and up towards the forehead, slightly above the cheekbones, above the lips and the center of the chin.
  8. Optional Combine an orange/bronze color blush like MAC Powder Blush Modern Mandarin
  9. and bronzer in a downward angle on the cheek bone letting it slightly hug your cheeks. This will ensure a subtle but noticeable look.
  10. Brush and groom eyebrows. Fill in sparse areas.
  11. Apply mascara using the method in the previous post.
  12. OR Continue with full makeup application.

I love, love, and am totally obsessed with these 2 products. Buy it! Try it and love it. Who cares what it costs or just live by my model… “Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I’ll try both.” Check back soon to get application methods on more of my obsessions.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Falsify My Lashes

Falsify My Lashes

Every since I discovered Sonjdradeluxe on YouTube I knew I was in trouble because she introduced me to the wonderful world of false eyelashes. My own eyelashes aren’t very long so for the past 4 years I’ve purchased mascara that does the trick. Now that I’ve discovered false eyelashes I am totally obsessed.

I love, love, love this mascara but I don’t love using it when I am a rush. (Don’t drive putting this mascara on. You will look like a raccoon.) I like to purchase this item in the color black/brown. Black/brown is a safe color. You can use it during the day of the night because it basically matches any look you are going for. The brush is like a synthetic/plastic material and it doesn’t clump which is always a plus. And! And! This mascara is so good that you must work slow so that it sets properly. If you go fast, there will be uneven chunks on your eyelashes and it won’t elongate.
This item can be found at your local drugstore like Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy.

Application Method:
  1. Cleanse eyelashes and make sure they have no leftover clumps of previous mascara from before.

  2. Apply entire makeup or either face moisturizer like Oil of Olay Complete to entire face before applying mascara.
  3. Curl your natural lashes with eyelash curler. This will help with it clinging to the falsies.
  4. Dip the wand into the product with either the wand that the mascara comes with or one of your preference.
  5. Make sure the wand is evenly coated with the product.
  6. In front of mirror, tilt head slightly back, chin upwards and eyes wide open, starting with the left or right eye, you will apply the product from start of lash line (NOT WATERLINE) to the end of the lashes.
  7. Apply 2 coats evenly to the lashes while rotating the wand 180 degrees ensuring that the product is evenly saturating the entire lashes, building a coating, and elongating. By rotating the wand 180 degrees as you are applying, you are elongating the lashes as well
  8. Apply 2 more coats of mascara while shaking the wand on the lashes from right to left (in small but rapid movements) while moving the mascara upwards towards the end of the lash line. This movement allows more product for fuller lashes
  9. Continue this process on the other eye and seal product with NYX Matte Finishing SettingSpray if your look is complete.

Reminder: Do Not Apply This Product While Driving or In A Rush. It sets quickly and you will not be able to mold it because it will clump and has already set especially if you are using the waterproof formula.

Obsession #2: 10 Pairs False Eyelashes$2

False eyelash strips are like a dream come true for the eyelash impaired. We dream of having long beautiful eyelashes like celebrities, models or even that hot guy who has the most gorgeous set of long, curly eyelashes. I’m picturing them right now…
False eyelash strips can be found just about everywhere. You can pay a ton of money to have it done at MAC or a salon. OR you can purchase them yourself along with the adhesive by great brands like EcoTools, Revlon, Inglot or Amazon.com where you can literally find a whole 15 pack of eyelashes for only $3.00 including shipping.

Application Method
  1. Prep by applying entire makeup or moisturizer that you are using for the day.
  2. Curl falsies with eyelash curlers. Hold them for 15 seconds so it stays all day.
  3. Trim eyelash strip if it is longer than your lash line. Not trimming will result in irritation or a more false look than you were going for.
  4. Hold falsies by the tip, apply thin line of DUO Adhesive to the band, let it sit for no less than 20 seconds while you adjust your fingers and head for proper application.
  5. In front of mirror, tilt head slightly back, chin upwards, 1 eye open and the other slightly closed, starting with the left or right eye
  6. Secure band from start of lash line (NOT WATERLINE).
  7. Press band down slightly on lash line to make sure it has latched on.
  8. Press falsies with your lashes unify them. Continue this process on the other eye
  9. Apply mascara in a chosen color to ensure that they will perfectly match.
  10. Follow mascara application method from above OR
  11. Seal product with NYX Matte Finishing Setting Spray if your look is complete.

Longer and fuller lashes don’t always have to be pricey but then again what does it matter. As I say, “Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I’ll try both.”

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Monday, June 9, 2014

OPI me or Sinful me. Nail Polishes we love during the Summer.

Summer is here! Summer is here! O, wait. I just moved back to Florida so technically summer is always here but guess what that means? It is always the season for a perfect pedicure.

Perfect pedicures are something I pride myself on. I’ve always been a Do It Yourself type of gal partly because I’m technically trained in nails (Hello I’m a professional cosmetologist!!) and the other part is that some of these nail places are not very sanitary and I am extremely particular. Now back to the point. I love OPI but I absolutely love Sinful Colors. They are 2 of the best nail polishes that I have ever had and will continuously be fans of. So without further ado, here are my 2 obsessions.

This polish is absolutely gorgeous. It is like a peachy gold color with a pink/orange undertone. The consistency is a bit thick which is good because you know that it will stick immediately. However, you must apply fast because it will leave a streak if you don’t apply a thin coat quick and even.
This polish can be found at Walgreens, Walmart and I believe Kmart. It is so great. You must get a bottle.

This polish is just as gorgeous as “Hazard” but even more so because of the more red color. The color is like a peach/red with little flecks of gold that makes me so excited when I see it because I freaken love it. Against my skin tone, which is like a golden/bronze color with yellow undertones, it makes my feet look absolutely kissable. The consistency of this polish is not as thick as Sinful Colors but it is thin enough that if you wanted to apply 3 coats of this color, it wouldn’t look bad or a gunked up mess.
This polish can be found at Regis Salon and Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Application Method
Pre Pedicure:
  1. Remove all nail polish from each toe, clip and file nails evenly across.
  2. Gently push back calcium buildup on nail beds and cuticle with metal or wood cuticle pusher. Do not clip cuticles, ONLY clip dead skin surrounding the nail bed.
  3. Every other day for a week, use a foot file and scrubber to scrub away impurities on feet. Gently scrub for approximately 20 seconds on each dry or rough area.
  4. Clean under nail bed with the smooth side of the cuticle pusher, removing all bacteria and buildup. This is a little gross but necessary.
  5. Rinse, dry feet thoroughly, and apply a light moisturizer using more on the dryer areas.

Polish & Supplies:
Clear top coat
Nail polish color
Clear "quick dry" coat
Toe dividers, tissue paper, or cotton balls
Liquid non-acetone nail polish remover

  1. Separate each toe with a divider, tissue, or cotton ball.
  2. Apply one coat of basecoat to each toe working your way from left to right.
  3. Apply 2 thin but even coats using either OPI or Sinful Colors. If using Sinful Colors apply quickly
  4. Apply a clear topcoat to each toe working your way from left to right.
  5. Check for any impurities or blotchy areas.
  6. If any areas are smudged, while polish is still wet hurry and apply nail polish remover to Q-tip and gently dab and move around smudged area until it is smoothed out.
  7. Let each toe air dry for 2-3 minutes.
  8. Apply a “quick dry” clear coat to ensure that the polish will stay in-tact and won’t smudge again.
  9. Take a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover and get rid of any polish that got on the skin surround the toes.
Whahh Laa! All Done. Pedicures are fun and so are all the different polishes out there.

You don’t have to break the bank to get a great product and even better results. But hey it’s like I always say “Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I’ll try both!” Now put on some open toe gladiator sandals or some khaki colored flip flops and head to a festival.

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