Monday, April 21, 2014

Best Body Scrubs Under $25

Winter is finally over and the dead skin needs to be scrubbed off immediately.

2 of my favorite body scrubbing goodies comes from the handmade cosmetics company Lush and the other comes from a brand I just discovered The Somerset Toiletry Company. Both are 2 freaken fabulous scrubs with great results despite your budget. So without further ado here are my obsessions and application methods for Ocean Salt and Olive Oil Exfoliating Salt Scrub.

My mother hooked me on Lush about 4 years ago when she brought me home this little goodie turned obsession. On my mission to have "Perfectly Imperfect" skin (wink:-) Ocean Salt was a savior for many reasons. It was handmade, included all natural ingredients, scrubbed away my impurities, and left my skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and not heavy with oils afterwards.
You can use this on your entire body, but I suggest the keeping it away from eyes and uh hmmm "delicate" areas.

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Simple Application Method
1. In the shower lightly mist problem areas with water, specifically the legs, arms and face.
2. Apply a quarter size amount of product to each leg, one at a time, scrubbing in a circular motion, covering one area at a time.
3. Apply a nickel size amount of product to each arm and repeat step 2.
4. Only apply a dime size amount to the face, scrubbing all areas except for the eye area. The citrus extract will cause a burning effect if applied too close to the eye area.
5. Rinse entire body, proceed with normal shower routine or towel dry and apply a lotion or body butter depending on your skin type.
I mainly use this scrub during the hot summer months because of the lasting scent of lime, grapefruit and avocado used to make this scrub. You can use it anytime during the year and ask the Lush sales' associates about their other great products.

This is by far the best scrub that I have tried in my life. This scrub is like a gift from beauty heaven. The salt grains blended with the olive oil is perfect. When I was looking for a scrub, I knew I wanted one that will not only remove the dead skin cells, but I wanted it to fade away the scratches and blemishes and it did. Once I have rinsed off this scrub, my body feels AMAZING. I literally feel like I have soaked my body in a tube of olive oil and shea butter. Trust me, after you try this, you will be obsessed too and your hubby, girlfriend or boyfriend will not want to keep their hands off of you.
I found this scrub at TJ Maxx for $6.00, but you can also find this Olive Oil Exfoliating Salt Scrub on since the company website doesn't have it listed anymore. Not sure why, but bring it back!

Application to Wet or Dry Skin
If applying to dry skin do not mist body down with water before applying scrub.

1. Apply a nickel size amount of product to problem area of each leg and arm one at a time.
2. Scrubbing in a circular motion and be sure not to press down on the skin. Applying pressure will result in a surface burn and you will have to seek a dermatologist or doctor.
3. After scrubbing each area for approximately 30-45 seconds, rinse the entire body with water and proceed with normal shower routine.
4. Do not apply this product to the face due to the high consistency of oil. The skin will be left too oily and could possibly result in a breakout.

I recommend using this scrub at night (during the transition months of Winter to Spring) so the olive oil can set in and the skin will not be left oily in the morning.

Luscious, smooth skin should be in everyone's beauty regimen and despite your budget, you can find these goodies everywhere. Before buying through the distributor, check other websites and stores. My model is "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both!"

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Fill or Unclog. 2 Ways to Decrease The Size of Your Pores

Makeup Pore Filler or Natural Remedy to Unclog Pores. Hmmm. How about both!

I love makeup but what I love more is the magic that it creates. Always looking for a quick fix, we makeup whores tend to buy products that promise to be the best failing to remember that before those products existed, it was Mother Earth's promised us options too.

2 of the best products (in my opinion) that should be in your makeup bag and in your kitchen cupboard are Peppermint Tea Leaves and NYX Pore Filler. Both are available for purchase online and over the counter. One natural. One man made. However both I guarantee you will leave good results but using both, you'll absolutely fall in love.

It is a goodie and a pocketbook friendly goodie at that. When you are doing a full on makeup application, you want your skin to look as flawless as possible. It's so lightweight that you'd wonder how this little product pacts in so much results. At work, a coworker looked at my face and said, "Your pores are so clear. How did you get them like that?" I said with NYX Pore Filler. Get some.
To achieve similar compliments follow the application process and modify if necessary.

Simple Application
1. Cleanse face thoroughly with pore minimizing face wash like Biore Pore Minimizing Foam Wash.
2. Apply an even coat of face moisturizer specifically on and around the nose.
3. Squeeze a pea sized amount to fingertips and evenly coat the nose (and under the eye if necessary).
4. Apply the 2nd half of your makeup such as prep and prime, concealer and so forth.
5. Proceed with full on makeup application i.e. eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and etc..
Notice that I stated that you can put the pore filler under the eyes? I use this as a replica of concealer if I run out or simply do not have time to apply concealer. The pore filler comes in a shade similar to my medium honey skin tone so it blends and conceals perfectly. TRY IT:)

Alternative Obsession Peppermint Tea Leaves  $1.66 per .5oz

This is a goodie not only because is it budget friendly but it has multiple uses for your outer and inner body. Great for unclogging pores, colds, sinusitis, bloating, tension headaches, loosening and opening of pores, nausea and its tea leaves so hell yes! How can you possibly go wrong with mother earth?
I have been using this natural remedy for over 15 years now and my pores (most of the time) look amazing.

Simple Application
1. PREP: 1 terry cloth body towel, 1 large (thick) glass bowl that is shatterproof, 1 tbsp, 1 pot, and 4 cups of water for boiling.
2. While water boils, apply 2 tablespoons of peppermint leaves to the empty glass bowl and place the bowl on a clean and even surface.
3. Remove water from heat once it has come to a boil and let it sit while you cleanse your face.
4. Cleanse face thoroughly with a pore minimizing face was like Biore Deep Cleansing Wash.
5. With face still damp (do not towel dry yet), pour water into the bowl of peppermint leaves, place entire face over the bowl, cover the back of your head and the bowl with the towel.
6. Let the steam of the water and the leaves blend together for approximately 5 minutes over your face. DO NOT PUT FACE DIRECTLY ON WATER. YOU WILL BURN YOUR FACE!
7. Remove towel and your face from the bowl and rinse face with cool water to close pores.
8. Proceed to steps 2-8 from above excluding NYX Pore Filler.

Over the counter products are always great because it is fast and seemingly efficient but why not take the extra step to achieve lasting results? Try it or as I say I always say, "Quality over quantity, fuck it. I'll try both!"

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Want Your Pretty Red Lips.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Where there are shortcuts, there is a budget friendly, and vegan friendly or budget friendly alternative.
For this blog, I will introduce you to some of my latest craves that I post to my Twitter account. The images I post (beauty related and occasionally fashion related) will be blog entries. The difference between my Beauty Biche Blog and other beauty blogs is that I will give a review, ways to use the product, how to apply, budget friendly alternatives or DIY (occasionally health) alternatives to achieve a similar look with or without that exact product.

That being said, Let's Get Started.

The gloss by this brand, which I also happened to intern for, is to die for. Not only does the lipgloss coat and I mean coat your lips in moisture, but the pigment is so freaking high and gorgeous that you could just die. I mean wow! I love this stuff.

The gloss is my fav and only selection from Sally's Beauty Supply store or any drugstore especially when I am on the go. It is so small but yet so freaken awesome. It smacks your lips with a punch of color and long-lasting moisture that you'll be wondering why it is only $0.99. I still wonder why it is, but I won't be asking them to up their price.

The way I like to put on either gloss is simple, but also a bit much because I want it to last forever and ever.

Simple Application (for a possible daytime/on the go look):
1. Powder lips with a translucent powder then proceed to apply the gloss to bottom lip first.
2. Press top lip down and move a little bit to evenly dispense the gloss.
3. Apply to upper lip and and press lips together carefully.
4. Apply more coats to make the color more intense or blot with a tissue paper to decrease the color and moisture.

(Complete) Full Makeup Application (for a possible night on the town or date;)):
1. Scrub lips with toothbrush (for a smooth pucker)
2. Apply moisturizer to lips and around chin and jaw
3. Powder area, specifically lips with a finishing powder.
4. Line lips with a lip liner that is similar to the color of the gloss or your natural lip color.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 from above.
5. Use a q-tip to perfect outline of lips OR use a concealer brush dipped in the color of your finishing powder (the powder takes away extra moisture, concealer adds moisture and will result in a smear) to outline and perfect the lips.

Now ladies and gents enjoy these two great glosses. They can be purchased online or at an onsite location. And as I say in my Biche tone, "Quality over quantity, fuck it. I'll try both!"

Check back soon to see my review on my next beauty obsession.

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