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This Isn't A New Year's Resolution, It's A New Life Evaluation

This isn't a New Year's resolution, it's a new life evaluation for 2018. Happy New Year everyone. Welcome back to my fun spot full of professional beauty advice, food recipes and being too honest about shit I can't always afford but will definitely get one way or another.
life evaluation

The First Quarter
Let's start with a recap of the last 12 months. Last year I was working 3 jobs, all of which allowed me to travel and do what I love. One happens to be with a healthcare company, the other for a salon doing their marketing and social media management, and the last of course being the Content Strategist for Scratch of Sweden Nail Care. It was the most testing year of my 35 go rounds in this life. To say I was happy was a complete lie. To say I was content was a complete lie. To say that I had a lot more opportunities to work with brands is completely true. I had so many issues that even the magazine companies would of been jealous of the consistent delivery of internal conflict that could have possibly been articles in finance, love, failure, career, fitness, food, beauty and health. Just about every element in my life that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.

How It Went All Went Down (more like the ish I will share) 
One of the things I prided myself on was strengthening my makeup skills because it started to gain attention. Every other day when I got home from work (when I was barbering full time 2 years ago up until early last year) I'd take the techniques I learned from SonjdraDeluxe on YouTube, modify it and apply them to my slayage. The angles in her face are similar to mine which is why I like her channel. You know that long face, big forhead, narrow nose, and cheekbones that a cut a bish is where we are very similar. I love what she does but for the life of me I could not gather up the mental strength to try anything this past year. As much as I love makeup and exploring my creative side, I did not. Another issue I struggled with towards the end of the year was exercising.

Exercising With a Lack of Motivation
I exercised every other day up until the last week of September. For me exercising and going to Bikram Yoga to decompress and not look how I felt was something I prided myself on. That last week in September I was prepping to go to Baltimore, a city I had never been to and actually never thought to visit because of the high crime rate. Getting horribly sick a week before and not wanting to cancel, I coughed and sneezed my way to the airport, suffered for 3 days in Baltimore and another 2 more days after I returned home. Needless to say I should have been at home resting because that trip was just as emotionally draining as it was physically draining. Side note: Who takes a visitor to Washington D.C. and doesn't go to the White House? I was pissed. I still haven't seen that damn house! Lesson learned. Never go on a trip with someone you're just not clicking with. Another month past which was my birthday month and I still felt like crap.

Emotional Decompressing Through Painting
I stayed home for my birthday week and finally learned how to accept and love my life. Granted I didn't put on one swipe of eyeliner, one tap of blush or one coat of foundation, I simply let go and started to live and love from within. I let go off all the ish that was bothering me and I painted.
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I painted with love, anger, rage, stress, happiness and defeat. I painted with emotions. Painted off the emotional distress I had been going through, the lack of motivation I had felt for exercising and the broken elements of my life that I needed to put back together. I started to create a lot of beautiful, colorful, fucked up masterpieces. It was awesome and my first big painting, an over 40 inch piece was created for my mother's new place.

Hello November and December
Towards the end of the year I got my ish together. Literally the last 2 months of the year everything started to come together. I signed up for Influenster. Influenster is a app and desktop site where you have the opportunity to review and discuss products that you currently use or would like to learn about. In exchange for the review you have the opportunity to WIN a voxbox which is similar to a subscription box that you would normally have to pay for.
influenster app
This app which has been a beauty and lifesaver has allowed me to talk about beauty and relate to others. I also have the opportunity to share my professional advice on the "discussions" section and learn from other beauty enthusiasts about products and application methods. Thanks to this app I have also been able to sample products that I currently cannot afford. One being Marc Jacobs Beauty. Unless there is a sale, FYI there is a sale page on the site CLICK HERE or a giveaway that is the only time I will be purchasing his products. High end products are always nice to have but not when you do not have that type of budget then it's just nice to look at or swatch on Instagram or in Sephora. You guys know you do that ish too. It's content building;-).

New Life Evaluation
Now that the year has come to an end, I finished it off the proper way. The last weekend of this year, I ventured out of my comfort zone and was hired to do hair, makeup and beard shaves for grooms of a wedding in Chicago. A few weeks before that I started back doing Pilates, caking on makeup with a passion, cooking again and letting go of things that I cannot control. Life is too precious to stress over temporary issues so you take note of that as well. Roadblocks and challenges may not be a part of your plan but it is a part of someone else's plan in order for you to succeed in this thing called life. Happy New Year. This isn't a New Year's Resolution, It's a New Life Evaluation.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Invest In Your Makeup Collection NOW

Invest In Your Makeup Collection NOW Christmas is over and in a beauty addict’s world you need to invest in your makeup collection now! Rather you are an aspiring makeup artist, makeup collector, packaging fanatic or simply have a passion for getting the best beauty deals for less then now is the time to rack up and save. Do you notice how the beauty brands are like car dealerships? They pull you in with these flashy advertisements, constant email alerts and website banners listing the discount prices and you’re totally for it. You’re in awe. You are obsessed and you are making your list. Checking it twice. A couple days before Christmas arrives and you stroll on into the store or go online adding items to your shopping cart thinking that you are getting the best deal. You go through the entire buying process, pay taxes plus shipping if you’re shopping online and bam! You bank account is yelling at you. Rant. I hate paying for online shipping. Seriously, how come the tax that you charge me doesn’t go towards the shipping cost. I mean if it weighs like 5lbs year, but come on for a 2.0oz package GTFOH. People get so hyped up about Christmas forgetting that yes it is the season for giving but it is the season for giving your time to friends and family not just giving material things. Taking out the word “giving” and totally running with it companies use that to get you to buy, Buy, BUY for your friends and family. They want you to give what you don’t have. You are a company’s dream but I am their nightmare. I want the best for less and I will wait and wait until it gets marked down to what I believe it should be. Let’s not forget about the makeup brushes now. You must invest in your makeup collection by adding those as well. I mean, you can use your fingers but it does get a bit messy when you are using glitter or eyelash glue. Without further ado, here are some deals that you will allow you to invest in your makeup collection now! Tarte Cosmetics Sales are up to 70% off. This is a good deal because this brand has a ton of great products and the packaging looks so nice as well that you totally want to buy it just because of that. Did we mention that they are a cruelty free brand as well;-)
tarte sale

Urban Decay Sales are up to 30% off. This is like the competitor brand of M.A.C Cosmetics but the packaging is just as loud as the colors.
urban decay sale
Makeup Geek Sales up to 20% off. This Indie brand has really great foil eyeshadows so it’s pretty great when you can have a palette packed full of them.
makeup geek sale
Sigma Sales up to 25% off. I am a fan of makeup brushes for the detailed work it allows me as an artist to do. But more specifically quality makeup brushes at a discounted price.
sigma brush sale

Morphe Sales up to 72% off. Their palettes are nice although not a fan of the packaging but the brush sets are something to definitely invest in.
morphe brush sale

Becca Cosmetics Sales up to 50%. I love, love, love seeing these highlighters on the skin. The glow, the inner glow that comes out is amazing. Now is the time to pick some up!
becca cosmetics sale

Too Faced Cosmetics Sales up to 50%. These brand has the packaging of chocolate bars and heart shape chocolates. Get your piece now.
too faced sale

Keep in mind that these are online sales. You can also head on over to the nearest Ulta or Sephora or even T.J.Maxx to get more of a discount. Depending on the demographics of the T.J. Maxx or Marshalls you will be able to find $19 Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Contour Kits (in your color), $4 refillable eyeshadow singles, $7 liquid lipstick and lip gloss as well as $13 Marc Jacobs aka Marc Beauty mousse foundation products in your skin color. Hate to say it, but I am going to. If you live in a predominately White/Caucasian area then you will find Light to Tan or Tan to Medium ABH Contour Kits and if you live in a predominately Black/Hispanic area then you will find Medium to Dark or Dark to Deep Contour Kits as well. So if you are you building your makeup kit be sure to go to different areas of your city or town to get the products you need or want. Remember to Invest In Your Makeup Collection NOW and as always, “Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I will try both.” Comment your thoughts below. Low low! Down there! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Money Saving Beauty Gifts

Money Saving Beauty Gifts.

Save some money this holiday season and shop for you beauty obsessed friends and family from these great cruelty free brands with these Money Saving Beauty Gifts.

Anastasia Beverly Hills. I am in love with all of her products. I have not met a product that I did not like. Granted they cost a lot more than when I originally started purchases the products but when the budget allows or I have about $20 to spare then I will purchase a product or 2. But since it is not about me for the holidays, it is about others (and me, I lied) are some goodies to rack up only on her site.

  1. Liquid Lipstick. Buy One, Get One.
    abh liquid lipstick
    That is definitely a deal for higher end brand with a ton of great reviews. I have been eyeing this lipstick since forever and I did purchase 2 of them.
  2. Glow Kits. Buy One, Get One
    abh glow kit
    These are a definite must for makeup enthusiasts, makeup artists or those who simply are collectors of great products. FYI all of the Glow Kits on the site on Buy One, Get One. Sugar Glow Kit, Sun Dipped, Glow Kit - Ultimate Glow (which I previously purchased at Macy’s a 6 months ago when they were on sale for $20), Moonchild, and Aurora.
  3. Eyeshadow Singles. Buy One, Get One
    abh eyeshadow single
    They are $12 each but they are Buy One, Get One which means that they are $6 each with FREE shipping so this a plus. These eyeshadows are on the same level as
    MAC which has refill pans for only $6 click here to see. Creamy, pigmented and very blendable.

Hikari Cosmetics. A USA based, cruelty free, vegan brand that I found courtesy of Ipsy. Don’t you love those Ipsy beauty bags? They are amazing. More on the mid to higher end of quality and moderately sized prices, you will not be disappointed. Take a look at these deals they currently have.

  1. Concealer.Originally $13, currently $5. 
    hikari cosmetics concealer
    This concealer is light and creamy and comes in a stick formula so you can directly apply it under the eyes or spot conceal before or after applying foundation. It’s perfect for a cake face or for a light “no makeup” type of day.
  2. Primer. Originally $19, currently $5.
    hikari cosmetics primer
    A makeup primer is definitely something that all beauties should be using to prep the skin for either foundation of BB Cream. FYI CC Cream is a complete coverage boast that is a combination of moisturizer, primer, spf and foundation. Although it may, have a primer, I suggest a spritz or 2 before application.
  3. Foundation. Originally $19, currently $5.
    hikari cosmetics foundation
    This foundation is something that I have wanted to try because some days I want to look super glam and some days I want to look naturally. Plus the reviews and the price point was right for my budget.

MAC COSMETICS. This brands always brings in the goods. One of the best and oldest makeup lines for artists brought to us by the Estee Lauder Company, they’ve got a few deals that you do not want to miss out on.

  1. Huggable Lipcolour. Originally $21, currently $12.60.
    MAC huggable lipcolour
    The Winter is here and of course your lips want color and moisturizing. With all of the Goody Bye products this is one that you can wear all year round in the color Bare Hug. It’s creamy, soft peach/orange hue will make you stand out or either blend in.
  2. MAC Trend Forecast Spring 16/Lip. Originally $40, currently $24.
    MAC trend forecast eyeshadow
    The season of the lips is never ending and thanks to this 6 colors to choose from. The colors range from a light beige, to a soft dark rose, to oranges and a blood red/purple hue. They are truly transitional and the beauty enthusiasts will love it.
  3. Full Face Kit: Moons of Jupiter. Originally $40, currently $24.
    MAC moons of jupiter
    This color is by far one of the prettiest combinations that I have seen for the cheeks. Using the sculpting cream to accentuate the cheekbones by blending into the hollow of the cheekbones, then adding blush to apples of the cheek, topped off with the a dusting of the bronzer on the top of the cheekbones, you will be the Christmas ornament no one asked for but definitely wanted.

Some of these are limited editions and the other ones are marked down for the holidays. These are meant to save you money and help your friends or family with bragging rights because they have never had these brands before. As always, it’s “Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I will try both.” Let me know if you use purchase any of these Money Saving Beauty Gifts by commenting below.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Winter Dry Hair Solutions. Silk18 Conditioner Review

Winter is here and my hair is at its driest. Fall and Winter does a number on my naturally dry and curly hair. I love wearing my hair natural since I do not like to fuss with it. As of this year in March and 4 years prior to that I had been fussing with it by straightening, cutting, dying or blow drying once a month. That is too much stress for this natural girl with lengthy goals. Wanting to get my hair on the right track again, I started by investing in products that enhances my natural curl pattern, increases the shine, strengthens and doesn’t test on animals. Granted those are my hair goals and I am achieving it thanks to Maple Holistics products!

silk18 conditioner

I love the smell and the consistency of this product. It smells of sweet vanilla that isn’t overpowering yet welcoming for both men and women who use this product. As the website states it has 18 amino acids hence Silk18 and is free of sulfate and harmful ingredients.

Like all of the products that I have received from this company, this one comes in a large 8oz plastic bottle with a push lid top to dispense the product. Pushing from the middle like I normally do, the product comes out without any trouble. The label is very easy to read and the colors are welcoming and soothing as the product itself.
silk18 conditioner

silk18 conditioner

As mentioned in my previous post, I wash my hair once every 5-6 days because it is short, curly and dry. Too much washing during the Fall and Winter months can lead to breakage and more damage. Breakage happens a lot when you have hair like mine therefore these ingredients in this condition which happen to be Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Certified Organic Pomegranate, Hibiscus, Green Tea and Sea Buckthorn, Silk Amino Acids, Jojoba Oil, Natural Vanilla Fragrance are very beneficial. They are all moisturizing and has antibacterial components thanks to including Green Tea. I wash and condition the proper one a week when I have 20 minutes to spare. Here is the application method I want to share with you. I know my ish, I’m a professional and licensed Cosmetologist;-)

Weekly Hair Care
  1. Shampoo with Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo. Using the palms of my fingers I rub the scalp gently to remove any buildup aka bacteria from the scalp. While doing this I slightly lift my fingers to make sure it is actually being removed.
  2. Rinsing the hair with lukewarm water to make sure that all the leftover product aka bacteria is gone and the shampoo has done its job, I repeat one more time but with less shampoo.
  3. Dispensing a nickel size to quarter size amount of Silk18 Conditioner to my hair, I apply at the tips and work my way towards the scalp in small circular motions. The goal is to thoroughly saturate the cuticle and attempt to penetrate the cortex, in hopes of reaching the medulla which is nearly impossible.
structure of hair

  1. Allow the conditioner to sit on the hair with or without a plastic shower cap for the minimum of 5 minutes but 10 minutes is ideal.
  2. Rinse 85% off the conditioner out of the hair with lukewarm to cold water.  More on the cold side to close the cuticle which will also lead to a slight shine in the hair.
  3. Air dry, towel dry and take a chance and blowdry then style as usual.

This conditioner is really great and leaves my hair feeling soft before putting on the Apricot Oil ← click to read the review and my other hair care products. If you would like a free product to sample by Maple Holistics ← Click There.

As always it’s, “Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I’ll try both.” Press SUBSCRIBE and follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for products reviews, healthy food recipes, spa and restaurant reviews.

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