Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Why Do You Wear Makeup Pt 3

The The Lies We Tell talks about how I really feel when I wear makeup. Some days are good with makeup and some are awful. Tracy told us how she doesn't feel great without it. Let's see how June feel with it.

Meet June, a 56 year old, German and Polish makeup advocate. 

What age did you start wearing makeup?
13 years old. Other girls in junior high were starting to wear makeup so I wanted to as well.

Are you using makeup to enhance or minimize features?
Both to enhance my eyes and to add color. Use it to minimize skin flaws.

Do you use makeup for emotional reasons?
Yes, without makeup I feel self-conscious of my appearance.

How do you feel when you wear makeup?
Attractive, confident and put together.

How do you feel when you are not wearing makeup?
. . .

Why do you continue to wear makeup?
To feel attractive, confident and put together.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Why Do You Wear Makeup Pt 2

The The Lies We Tell others about why we wear makeup was a real and it was honest post. Loreina told us why, now here is Tracy who gets more real women and in-depth about why she wears make.

Meet Tracy M. A 56 year old, English, German and Polish makeup advocate.

What age did you start wearing makeup?
My freshman year in high school I started to wear makeup. I wanted to fit in with my group of friends who were all wearing makeup already.I started with mascara and a little bit of blush. At sixteen I got my 1rst job at a pharmacy and someone in the makeup department told me that since I have deep set eyes I should put some eyeliner on. 40 years later and I don’t like leaving the house without it on.

Are you using makeup to enhance or minimize features?
I like makeup to enhance and bring out my features. If I don’t wear eyeliner I have had people tell me I look tired.

Do you use makeup for emotional reasons?
Well when I don’t wear makeup I’m usually sick or not going anywhere that day. I always feel better with makeup on. It has become a routine for  me.

How do you feel when you wear makeup?
I feel like me!

How do you feel when you are not wearing makeup?
Without makeup I’m usually sad.

Why do you continue to wear makeup?
Putting on makeup becomes a routine after so many years. People are just used to seeing me with makeup on. When I did I have told my kids to make sure that they put my eyeliner on!

Like many of us girls and some guys, we dibble and dabble in makeup in high school. Our friends parents are ok with us putting it on and the rest of us snuck it on. It was a joy to wear. It was a thrill and rush knowing that you were going to get the attention of your peers and friends with just that one or 2 simple enhancements thanks to makeup.
Makeup has the ability to make a shitty day better or even a great day even more rewarding or does it. Tell me your thoughts below. Better yet, tell me, why do you wear makeup?

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Microdermabrasion at East Town Spa Milwaukee

East Town Spa, 718 E. Wells Street Milwaukee, WI

A spa and salon located on the East side of downtown Milwaukee on Wells Street, kitty corner from Cass Street which turns out it was next door to Buckley’s; one of my favorite upscale corner restaurants. The salon is located inside of a 3 story, brick Victorian style home painted a bright, cloudy pink color with a rustic greenish/gray door. I found this place on Groupon (great site). One session of Microdermabrasion was $31 and the other purchase option was 1 session with a facial for $48. I am a beauty on a budget. I will not commit to a product or a service until I sample it beforehand.  Also, I don’t like facials. I never feel like my face is completely clean. Like the restaurant the spa has no designated parking for customers. Meter street parking is the only option. Good thing I keep change in my car.
First Impression
Walking up the stairs to the establishment, I opened the door to enter a small, dark entryway. Looking up and around, I immediately felt like this place hadn’t been renovated, it was however restored to keep its original charm. The floors seem to be original as well from the creaking and cracking sounds it made as my heels hit the floor when I walked in. Walking slowly towards the light and the sound of a blow dryer I found my way to the front where there was an attendant behind the front desk. After checking in and confirming the appointment with her, I stood there waiting in hopes that she would give me a tour, which she never did. She also did not ask if I wanted to have a seat in a waiting area. I presume that there was one. That is what salon staff or receptionists are known to do when a new customer enters an establishment. Remember I was and still am in this business. Taking baby steps to the right to see the main styling floor and to my left I saw a staff member sitting down doing something. I felt like the unexpected, not so welcomed guest or a Pepping Tom. Soon after the esthetician appeared. She introduced herself, asked me to follow her and led me to a door that opened to the basement. The Basement…? This is definitely different.
Hidden Away Microdermabrasion
Walking down the stairs of the spa, the stairs felt sturdy but the smell of basement was lingering along with the fact that there wasn’t much light. Walking into the facial room which wasn’t lit very well (to see all these imperfections I wanted corrected) it was a small but yet spacious enough to house a chair for the consult, a table to lie down on another chair so the esthetician can do her work, and a large horizontal desk that held products, a steam machine and tools.
We spoke about my problematic areas. Those areas are and have always been my t-zone specifically the middle of the chin, nose and around the lips. The rest of the face I am fine with. Although the forehead used to be my problem area for 1-1/2 years in high school, the faint but small marks of that awful time does exist so I always want whatever product and service to rid and lighten those areas. I am a big fan of microdermabrasion and I love how the skin glows and appears to be almost blemish-free. I got hooked last year when I make a esthetician at a salon we worked at in Chicago. She is awesome. Hi Maxine!:-)  She informed me of the service and how it was going to help take off the first layer of the skin to improve the natural glow of the skin however a chemical peel would take off more layers of those blemishes and dark spots I hated so much.
 Making sure that safety and sanitation was a go, she put on the gloves and started to work her magic. Using one wand tip for exfoliation and suction of the problematic areas and a different wand tip for exfoliation and reduction of fine lines around the eyes and around the lips. She hit every area that I needed and wanted. Finishing off the micro with a small facial to cool the skin and an oil to put a little glow back into the skin, she made some final recommendations and the service was complete.
Final Impression
Overall I really like the service that she provided however I was uncomfortable with the location of the facial room and uncomfortable with the fact that I was not treated as if I wanted another service beyond the one I purchased on Groupon. The esthetician was amazing and I’d love to book another service with her, just not at that location.

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