Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner

This company reached out to me thanks to my Instagram asking if I would like to do a collaboration and of course I said yes (after I researched them). Like my lifestyle and food choices I have been slowly making the transition to less meat, more veggies and to include vegan based along with cruelty free products. That being so this was a great company to collab with. A few days a later a USPS package arrived and I was in awww. Opened it up and it was a full size bottle of Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner.

The packaging of both are pretty simple. They came in see-through plastic 8oz bottles with push button tops. I wonder if it is made of recycled plastic? Hmmm… because it doesn’t mention it on the website. The label is very pretty with the logo, simple artwork and product description and ingredients. Now let’s talk product:-)!


I really like this shampoo because I can actually comprehend not one but over 10 of the ingredients. It is a medium, creamy consistency and smells pretty refreshing. This shampoo has Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Tea Tree oil which is beneficial for attacking any type of scalp issues specifically dry scalp or dandruff. I’m a victim of dry scalp in one particular area of the top of my head. However the first ingredient said water which isn’t ideal for me. I prefer less water and more product.

Application Method

  1. Saturate hair with warm water
  2. Rinse out product
  3. Apply a dime to nickel size amount to palm of hands (depending on hair length)
  4. Massage product on hair and scalp
  5. Rinse and repeat once more (optional wash once if your hair is less than 3 inches likes mine)

Once I had done my one thorough wash I felt as if I had a used a clarifying shampoo. There was not one small feeling of product left in my hair at all. It was clean but not so squeaky clean that I felt my hair was overdried. Time for conditioner.

maple holistics conditioner

This conditioner I really did enjoy. Although it is less thick than the shampoo, I did like the lasting effects of it. When I pushed down on the top to open the lid I was welcomed with a strong aroma of the Tea Tree, Lavender and Rosemary. It does have more ingredients but these ones left a lasting impression. Let’s just see how this works.

Application Method
  1. Applying a nickel to quarter size amount to hair and my scalp
  2. Massage into hair and directly on scalp for approximately 2 minutes
  3. Let the conditioner sit an additional 5 minutes and you will feel a cooling effect
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water

Ok, no lie, that was literally the best cooling sensation. It reminded me of those Winter commercials where the person opens their mouth while on a mountain of snow, breaths out into the air leaving a visual trace of their breath in the air. My hair was left very soft and not over dried at all. I think I may have found a conditioner that I could stick with during the Fall and Winter season. Or have I...

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Makeup of New York Fashion Week 2017

Makeup of New York Fashion Week 2017 was seriously BANGING! Like it was so amazing and so creative that I had to confess my obsessions and share with you bit of the looks that you can recreate using some of my favorite brands makeup products.

Look #1 Hello Sun

This is the look that literally sets the tone for this Fall season. Giving us all a BRIGHT hello and a warm, golden glow of the Fall sun along with the orange and gold tones that are sure to come, I was immediately drawn in. The high emphasis of the cheekbones and the golden glow says Fenty Beauty’s Trophy Wife $34 all day long. So pretty.

Look #2 Sexy Feline

This look is a perfect combination of a Sexy Feline for Halloween or a lady on the prowl during the crisp Fall nights in the cities of New York, Chicago and Milwaukee. Absolutely love, love how the lower water line is smudged with a black kohl liner blending perfectly into copper bronze drop shadow. The golden color on the lids is dishing out Goldmine by MAC $16 all night long! Literally. I may try this! From Brandon Maxwell Collection 2018 Collection

Look #3 Renaissance Fuchsia Reds
This looks is pulling all of the looks that I have seen all this year and last year when the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette $42 was launched. Seriously this smoked out, fuchsia reds with a slight darker color on the outer v’s is screaming BUY ME What I Want all day long! Seriously in love with this. Definitely appropriate for all things La Perla or La Can’t Afford It lingerie.

Look #4 Black Holiday

A Black Holiday is definitely in order. A black bold lip, black smokey eye with a skin glow that brings even more attention is why I am obsessed with this look. The lips are semi matte yet glossy and I love them! They are lined to perfection and not one bleed is seeping over her lip lines. I’d replicate this look using a Wet n Wild pencil stick in Black or Kohl and a Armour Beauty Vegan Lipgloss in Femme Fatale. Her skin is simply amazing and very much has a nice glow to the cheeks and the cheekbones that looks so much like Hikari Cosmetics Shimmer Bronzer in Luster $17. Happy New Years. It’s going to be a great, black, BOLD, and lusterful Holiday.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Coconut Visible Repair Oil by Advanced Clinicals

Semi Obsessed
Coconut Visible Repair Oil by Advanced Clinicals 1.8 ounce $15

advanced clinicals

This was a beauty find during a recent trip to Ross that I scored for a nice amount of $5. Hello budget beauty shopper! Wanted to try something similar to my favorite Rosehip Oil by Loelle which unfortunately isn't sold here in the USA, I wanted another oil that could give me the same benefits. Or so I hoped.

The packaging was simply beautiful of course. It was clean and shiny. Gave us a picture preview of the product and a picture of a caucasian woman with hair pulled off her face. I could tell that she was wearing makeup of course. My eyes are trained to notice the faux sense of perfection and photoshop retouches. I do it all the time for clients. The product comes in a tinted brown glass and sealed with a eye dropper to to make distributing the product pretty simple. I love that because trying to pour a small amount in my hands that shake occasionally is a mess waiting to happen. Now the product itself. Hmmm….

advanced clinicals coconut visible repair oil

coconut visible repair oil on skinI tried the product for 2 weeks and I do like it however it doesn’t actually penetrate the skin. I applied it after I washed my face with warm water and rinsed it with cool water to close the pores which is highly recommended by professionals. Then I applied a dime size amount of the oil and massaged it onto my face. It didn’t penetrate. Then the second week I washed and rinsed my face with warm water and attempted to massage about a nickel size amount and it didn’t penetrate the skin. I noticed that when I put on the oil first then my makeup primer, Clinique Beyond Perfecting cream foundation and MAC’s mineral powder click here to read how to get Full Soft Glam with this product, makeup got all over my clothes because the oil never penetrated the skin. I actually had to blot my face 4 times before 2pm because the oil sat on top of the skin which is not good at all.
Also the product has too much perfume. At times it was overwhelming and irritating to my eyes and I wanted to wash it off but due to time constraints I couldn’t and had to go about my day.

I do like the Coconut Oil but I will no longer apply it to my face. I will attempt to use it on my neck since to “restore skin’s suppleness” as Advanced Clinicals states on their website and pray that it will eventually penetrate. If not then I will use it in my hair since oil is great for kinky, curly, dry hair.

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