Thursday, March 16, 2017

Too Many Cosmetic Lines

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

I swear I love makeup. I love the ability to create and the re-create. What I am not loving is that makeup lines are launching left and right and now the current makeup lines keep launching new products literally every 2 months that it is hard to know what is good and what is long lasting. You literally cannot fully know if you love the products because you have another freaken product being thrown in your face. I do not even own a television and I see more advertising being done on YouTube, not so much on Twitter and a lot more on Instagram. 
Shit, fucken Instagram feeds you those products to you as if you were dying from starvation and you have to have this product or you may not live. I cannot stand that. It has now gotten to the point where I refuse to buy products unless they are, prepare yourself for a list, 1. On sale 2. I can use a coupon code 3. It comes with a gift 4. I can use Kohl's Cash and 5. It's On Sale! 
The last products I purchased were from Boston Store which was another bottle of the Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation Concealer by Clinique, a Acne Wash (I don't have acne but I am prone to blemishes in my t-zone and blackheads on my nose), Take The Day Off makeup removing balm, another tube of mascara from Rimmel London, which is my favorite, that was only $6 from Walgreen's. Guess what tho?! I used a coupon for the Clinique purchases and both products came with 2 gift bags that had even more products. Awwwwww:-). The Clinique gift bags had a 5 sample sized and some regular sized items: coral colored lipstick that looks pretty but doesn't glide on as well as the Wet n Wild lipsticks, trio eye shadow palette with a mirror and applicator sponge (not a fan of those), a mascara (that I have yet to try) face moisturizer and makeup remover. The face moisturizer I will definitely use, probably the makeup remover when I travel and the mascara I will have to test out sooner rather than later. 
The point is, there are so many cosmetic lines launching weekly if not monthly and I wonder how come there aren't restrictions on how much can be produced. Seriously. Like all the packaging and the chemicals and the consumption and the waste of the crappy products. It's like HELLO, some of the stuff is not good at all. It is actually bad for your skin in general and the others are so good but cost so much damn money that I really do not want to buy more when a month or two later they are releasing another makeup product that I do not need but want. 
Oh gosh. I love cosmetics but please stop overwhelming us with these products. 

As I always say, "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both". 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Clinique's Take The Day Off

I have fallen in love and I kind of feel silly about it. Last week was life changing and along with those overall changes came the need for a binge on much needed skincare products.

Obsessed Take The Day Off by Clinique $29
I had been eyeing the makeup removing product since I seen it on Desi Perkin's YouTube channel and in Ulta staring at me like "Buy me now!" so I did. I swiped the plastic devil and I felt slightly guilty but not guilty enough to stop the purchase mid transaction. It has been less than a week and this product has been lifting my spirits and makeup off since then. I love it. Coming in a great 3.8 ounce container with a twist off top, the packaging is definitely not on the lower end side. As with all the Clinique products that I have, I love the clean packaging along with the shelf life. Then again, idk how long it actually is because I go through this products more than I go through relationships.

Now for the part that made me feel kind of feel silly. This product I love but something about it seemed vaguely familiar as I scooped out the first portion. Smelling it and looking at it while massage it in between my fingers, I knew what it was. It was raw, fragrance free, organic like and reminded me of raw coconut oil. Take The Day Off is a balm, raw coconut oils feels like a balm and this is definitely what a styling balm for the hair reminds me off.
What I love about this product is that it isn't overly oily but greasy enough to remove the product within a few moments time. The second thing I like about this product is that it is fragrance free. However I really believe that this is raw oil. Correct me if I am wrong Clinique because it melts onto the face like coconut oil and even after you rinse the product off, your face feels soft and not oily like it was slathered with coconut oil.

Application Method
Stare in the mirror and take your last selfie of your amazing makeup
Use a small, disposable spatula to take a nickel size portion and place it the palm of your hand
Rub hands slightly together and start to massage the product onto the face keeping the eyes closed
Massage for 1-2 minutes
Rinse off product and makeup
Wash face with your normal cleansing product
Towel blot dry and apply a face moisturizer

Overall I am pretty happy with my purchase although I was tempted to return it and use my $6 bottle of raw, organic coconut oil, I will kept it. Like I always say, "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I will try both."

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Lorac Pro+Fiber Mascara Is . . . !

I thought that I would be in love with this mascara, I really did but unfortunately I am not. I purchased this small goodie from Ulta 3 months ago. It was a birthday gift to myself. I bought the sample size, the cheap size although I should have gone into Macys' or Kohl's and simply asked for a sample. FYI if you didn't know these stores have them, they do. Check out my post Sampling Day.

Not Obsessed: Lorac Pro+Fiber Mascara $22

Pretty and so perfect, I thought this sample size portion of mascara would be perfect for on the go and I'd batter my longer lashes but it was all a lie. It's such a shame because the packaging is so freaken perfect. The tube is all black and has rubber-like texture which is good for gripping. The wand is typical and the spoolie meaning the tip goes from wide to narrow which is perfect for creating volume and curl. It is the synthetic material which I normally should stay away from because I do not care for it. I like the silicon tips.

According to the company it is supposed to be a "...buildable, volumizing and lengthening formula... packed with PRO power". It doesn't. Week after week my application method would change to see if I could make them look as full and as volumized as it promises but it never did. I tried shaking the wand from left to right while working from the lash line to the tips. I tried applying it very slowly and turning as I applied. I tried lighting my pressure. I tried the eyelash curler before and after, hence the photo below, and nothing worked.

Does my eyelashes look volumized to you?
I'm so sad. Maybe I will try using this mascara solely on my bottom lashes. Those look descent after using this mascara. I struggle with short and sparse lashes.  

Fraud Alert!
Also what's up with the faux advertising on their website? It shows a before and after picture of some lashes, click here. You can clearly tell that there is an eyelash band on the top and no band on the bottom. Her top lashes have tripled in volume and somehow created the perfect, straight black line in her inner, upper waterline. I cannot stand when companies sell dreams without a disclaimer stating that there were enhancements used. Yes, I do know makeup ladies and gents. Professional and Licensed and Practicing Cosmetologist for almost 10 years now. Makeup isn't just my hobby. It is my obsession.

Sorry Lorac, this one was not good. Oh well, you know my model, "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I will try both."

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