Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Coconut Visible Repair Oil by Advanced Clinicals

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Coconut Visible Repair Oil by Advanced Clinicals 1.8 ounce $15

advanced clinicals

This was a beauty find during a recent trip to Ross that I scored for a nice amount of $5. Hello budget beauty shopper! Wanted to try something similar to my favorite Rosehip Oil by Loelle which unfortunately isn't sold here in the USA, I wanted another oil that could give me the same benefits. Or so I hoped.

The packaging was simply beautiful of course. It was clean and shiny. Gave us a picture preview of the product and a picture of a caucasian woman with hair pulled off her face. I could tell that she was wearing makeup of course. My eyes are trained to notice the faux sense of perfection and photoshop retouches. I do it all the time for clients. The product comes in a tinted brown glass and sealed with a eye dropper to to make distributing the product pretty simple. I love that because trying to pour a small amount in my hands that shake occasionally is a mess waiting to happen. Now the product itself. Hmmm….

advanced clinicals coconut visible repair oil

coconut visible repair oil on skinI tried the product for 2 weeks and I do like it however it doesn’t actually penetrate the skin. I applied it after I washed my face with warm water and rinsed it with cool water to close the pores which is highly recommended by professionals. Then I applied a dime size amount of the oil and massaged it onto my face. It didn’t penetrate. Then the second week I washed and rinsed my face with warm water and attempted to massage about a nickel size amount and it didn’t penetrate the skin. I noticed that when I put on the oil first then my makeup primer, Clinique Beyond Perfecting cream foundation and MAC’s mineral powder click here to read how to get Full Soft Glam with this product, makeup got all over my clothes because the oil never penetrated the skin. I actually had to blot my face 4 times before 2pm because the oil sat on top of the skin which is not good at all.
Also the product has too much perfume. At times it was overwhelming and irritating to my eyes and I wanted to wash it off but due to time constraints I couldn’t and had to go about my day.

I do like the Coconut Oil but I will no longer apply it to my face. I will attempt to use it on my neck since to “restore skin’s suppleness” as Advanced Clinicals states on their website and pray that it will eventually penetrate. If not then I will use it in my hair since oil is great for kinky, curly, dry hair.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Taylor Swift. Imitation in the sincerest form of flattery... Maybe

Imitation in the sincerest form of flattery... Maybe.

Well, well, well it looks as if Taylor Swift or either the creative people behind her new video Look What You Made Me Do has intentionally replicated Queen B's Formation or totally thought that a year or 2 has passed and they can now redo her whole look without much "talk". SMH.

I love music like the next person and I specifically love piecing apart the makeup and the wardrobe of those that I see on the big screen. In the clip of Taylor Swift's video her poses and her backup dancers strangely resemble what could be Beyonce's Formation rendition but switched out with male dancers wearing midriff shirts and abs to kill. But Her makeup looks strangely familiar along with the hair.

Makeup Similarities

The face is a matte finish and there is a slight contour that gives emphasis on the cheekbones with a pop of color directly on the apples of the cheek increasing the emphasis of the chiseled jawlines on the both the ladies.
Taylor's lips are a bold color of red and I definitely love that color however Beyonce's lips are a gold-ish red. Very subtle because because her all black wardrobe is the main statement.
Now the eyes. Oh goodness. The eyes are deep set and definitely lined on both the top eyelash lines giving a feline look.
Both have full brows. Beyonce has had full brows for years and Taylor's eyebrows look to have made a bit of a change as well but they are tailored to perfection which I absolutely love.

Hair Similarities
Now this is something that is so obvious that even I cannot tell you how this was a big uh hmmm... The ladies both have blonde hair but Taylor Swift doesn't normally rock a perm / rod set yet Beyonce seems to always rock the natural look of kinky coils and full hair therefore this was simply not good..

As much as I'd love to pick a part the wardrobe and how much they resemble each other along with the background setting of Taylor's video looks so much like New Orleans, which was the location of Beyonce's Formation video, that I might shit myself. I'll save that for the fashion bloggers.

In The End
I love being a creative person and I love how others have the ability to influence my looks however when it come to celebrities who do not credit those whose looked influenced them then that is a straight slap in the face.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Lies We Tell Others

Being the eavesdropper that I am, I overheard a lady say why she started wearing contacts. She said because she got tired of wearing her glasses. Now that is clearly a lie. You wear glasses when you are either too poor to afford to keep restocking your contacts that are due almost every 6 months or either too lazy to get up and put some effort into your looks meaning doing your eyebrows and eye makeup and put those contacts in. Oh and I forgot to mention, to hide behind the lens. Trust and believe, I am guilty of all of it. Either way there is no real reason to lie to anyone who asks about why you are wearing glasses and not contacts. Seriously. Stop it!

We have all gotten into the habit of saying that we don't wear makeup because of this and that but the truth is. We someone gave up. We gave up on trying to impress others and have been content with who we are. Or is that the truth we tell ourselves? We are all imperfected human beings seeking comfort and reassurance in others. We solidify who we are through what we wear, what we say, how we dress and how we respond. There is no way to be perfect. There is no way to be absolutely YOU. YES, Y O U. The person who is reading this. What are you doing and why do you do it? If you can answer that for me then you will be one in a million or a billion.

Today I found myself putting on makeup before work.  I have not worn makeup all week but within the last 20 minutes of prepping to leave for the day I remembered where I was going for work and being in that location there, one would want be seen as attractive. Here's the kicker though. It is a predominately White owned company. I've been there for over a year and no one pays attention to me so why both putting effort into my appearance. Easy, for the fear of not being accepted. The fear of having these individuals look at me as though I am less than them although the majority of them already feel that way. It's crazy and how totally fucked up it is. Caking on about 2lbs of makeup only to leave the premises and have no one acknowledge my existence. Is it my curly hair? My full lips? My small but very obvious curves of my body that make you turn away from me or is it that you assume that I am something that I am not?

In a country that is so fucked up, why do we continue with the lies we tell others in order to make ourselves mentally feel accepted? Comment your thoughts or keep quiet like everyone else.

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